Inspiration: Accessing Your Inner Creativity

As you probably know, I now live by the seaside and many of our friends from my old neck of the woods have now visited us for a short break. Recently, as we were showing a friend around the place, she remarked at how frequently she had noticed the word ‘accommodation’ misspelled on guest houses and hotels in the area.

It caused my wife to pipe-up that she always remembers how to spell the word because of a phrase her Nan had taught her i.e. ‘two children and two men looking for accommodation’.

My response was that I thought the phrase was an excellent idea – clearly it had worked all these years for my wife – but the thought of two children and two men looking for accommodation was not completely palatable to my imagination. That caused us all to start thinking of alternatives.

For the next half-hour or so, as we drove through the countryside, everyone kept coming up with alternatives. Here are a few that I can remember:

  • Two chimps and two monkeys looking for accommodation.
  • Two chickens and two mallards looking for accommodation.
  • Two clowns and two magicians looking for accommodation.
  • Two chinchillas and two mice looking for accommodation.
  • Two cops and two mobsters looking for accommodation.
  • Two canaries and two macaws looking for accommodation.

They got weirder and weirder as we went along …

  • Two cups and two mugs looking for accommodation.
  • Two carpets and two mats looking for accommodation.
  • Two centimetres and two miles looking for accommodation.
  • Two clocks and two metronomes looking for accommodation.
  • Two Crunchies and two Mars Bars looking for accommodation.
  • Two chips and two mash looking for accommodation.

Days later, we were still coming up with them …

  • Two cobras and two mambas looking for accommodation.
  • Two crocodiles and two monitors looking for accommodation.
  • Two Chinese and two Malasians looking for accommodation.
  • Two corporals and two majors looking for accommodation.
  • Two carrots and two mushrooms looking for accommodation.
  • Two cappuccinos and two mochas looking for accommodation.

(Hmm … how do you spell cappuccino? Ah yes … I remember … ‘two pirates and two captains dying for a cuppa!’)

And, even as I write this post, my wife keeps chirping up in the background …

  • Two cars and two motorbikes looking for accommodation.
  • Two cherries and two mangoes looking for accommodation.
  • Two composers and two musicians looking for accommodation.
  • Stop! Stop – I can’t type that fast ……………..

So, I wanted to use this as an example of how our subconscious mind operates. Give it a well-defined target and it will just keep throwing things up. The key seems to be to have a concerted conscious effort at brainstorming some subject. That’s how you ‘program’ it with your target.

If you can give it a decent half-hour or so of solid effort, your subconscious will be chipping in, afterward, even days later. This is an important aspect of how we can access solutions to all kinds of difficulties we may face; it allows us to find the way forward toward our goals as we face the inevitable obstacles along the way.

The tactic turns out to be a real key to accessing that creativity that is within you. Try it the next time you get stuck wondering about the way forward. Just do half an hour of conscious, focussed brainstorming on the subject and then go for a walk to clear your head.

You might be amazed at some of the great ideas that will pop up!

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  1. Jackie

    Logged in at work for a quick read before cracking on with the day and found this. Had me in stitches! Thank you 🙂

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