Important Announcement for Affiliates

As you are probably already aware, the UK government introduced a new law one year ago concerning the use of cookies on websites. Just in case you haven’t heard of this you can find out more here.

At White Dove Books, we used cookies for two reasons:

  • To Track Affiliate Referrals
  • To Remember User Settings

Both of these uses are deemed to be non-essential for a service requested by the user and that has meant that we have had to do a lot of thinking and trying out different possible solutions to comply with the requirements of the new legislation.

The bottom line is that we have decided to stop using cookies except for the purposes of login, which is deemed to be a cookie that is essential to a service requested by the user.

The knock-on implications of this decision are that our Affiliate Referral mechanism has changed with effect from 12 midnight, May 25th (Friday). We will no longer be setting a referral cookie from that date. If you are an Affiliate, you will need to understand that the direct linking method we had in place will no longer work and also that rebranded books will no longer set a cookie for referred visitors.

We looked at this long and hard before coming to this decision. The only alternative that allows us to stay within the new law (which as I have said before may be a stupid law, but nevertheless it is law) is to ask the visitor, when first referred, if they are prepared to accept cookies. In tests, only about 10% of referred visitors said ‘yes’ to this question and so it is effectively useless as a method of tracking Affiliate Referrals.

So, from the deadline imposed by the UK government for compliance (Midnight, May 25th) there will be only one method of referring visitors and receiving a commission on subsequent purchases. That method is the standard ClickBank referral method. We have checked and double-checked with ClickBank that their referral mechanism is within the law and they have assured us that it is.

You can construct your referral link as follows:

To refer visitors to The Bible Secret:

You can create an encrypted link for this program here:

To refer visitors to White Dove Books:


You can create an encrypted link for this program here:

We are working with another company to find a solution to the rebrandable books question and I will let you know as soon as we have more news.

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