How You Can Partner With Me

It is fairly frequently that I am approached by people who would like to partner with me. I have a win-win attitude and an abundance mentality and I am always looking for good quality partners to work with so I always evaluate such approaches carefully. Unfortunately, we have to turn most people down because the vast majority of people don’t manage to get their act together before the approach.

So in this post, I thought I would set out the main ways that we are looking to work with other people and what we would be looking for in a partner. Essentially, we are looking for affiliates who want to promote our products on their own websites or blogs and we are also looking for JV (Joint Venture) partners for cross-promotions.

Affiliate Marketing

Here’s why you might want to affiliate with us. In a nutshell, we have a great product that sells very well indeed though you may not be aware of exactly how well. So, download this free report that shows how I make over 2K per month giving away a free book.

We have a number of products you can promote as an affiliate and you can earn 50% commission in the process. If you would like more information, please sign up for our free affiliate marketing course.

Joint Ventures (JV)

In principle, the JV is a reciprocal mailing. You mail my offer to your list and in return, I mail your offer to my list. My recent JV with a fellow warrior (at the Warrior Forum) produced over 2.5K clicks for that person. The reason I can deliver this traffic is because a review of your product would appear on my blog and also in my Newsletter. In addition, it would appear in my Tweet stream and on my Facebook Fan Page.

We have over 12K people in the Newsletter list. For the current figure, see my Feedburner stats above, on the left hand side under my picture. These stats are independently produced by Feedburner.

What I Expect from a JV Partner

• You Must have a List in This Niche
• You Must Offer a Product in This Niche
• You Must Allow me to Review Your Product
• You Must Offer a Free Gift

What I am looking for is someone who offers a free gift and then has a backend sales process in place. The free gift must be good quality.

What I would do is review and advertise your free gift in the following ways:

• Inspiration Blog Product Review
• Article in Inspiration Newsletter
• Tweet in Our Tweet Stream
• Article on Facebook Fanpage
• 2 x Solo Mailings

In addition to the above, we may add your product to our autoresponder sequence permanently.

We have a good quality list and we only send good quality offers. We will not send junk offers or promote products that offer little or no value. If you feel you fit the bill, I would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact me to get the ball rolling.

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