How to Reliably Earn a Recurring Income

There are so many people making outrageous claims about making money on the internet that it perhaps makes the following statement a little difficult to take in. But, there is no other way to ask, so here goes: how would you like to get paid $1 a pop for referring other people to a free program that will reliably make them money?

It almost sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? But, in fact, it gets even better because this program has two other ways of generating revenue. You can earn affiliate commission on White Dove Books products and you also earn commissions for referring other people to the program itself. The program is called Loyatepays and if you have been looking for an effective method of making money online, you are going to love it.

When I was contacted, a few months back, by Heide Holtz, the Founder of Loyaltepays, I was absolutely bowled over by her new idea. Essentially, you actually get paid to give away free content – now doesn’t that sound interesting? It is, after all, such an easy thing to do. You can even get paid to share the video (above) on your blog.

For White Dove Books, it was especially interesting because we were looking for a way to allow our free books to be rebrandable so that our affiliates could use them as a way of generating commission. You might remember that we had to terminate our old method of rebranding because of changes to the UK law. So this new method of working essentially solved that problem for us – it means we are able to issue rebrandable books once again.

So far, we have made 25 books available through the Loyaltepays program and we are going to make even more available over the course of time.

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