How to Overcome Obstacles

One question I get asked quite a lot at my workshops is what to do about various obstacles when they are encountered. It is very common for people to assume that they cannot change their career, for example, because they are not properly qualified and so they see this as an obstacle.

The fact is that most of the obstacles we perceive are just that – perceptions; they are not really obstacles at all. In the case of a career change, to stay with the above example, many people disqualify themselves because the advertisement for the position they want says that a particular qualification is required and, because they do not hold that qualification, they do not apply so naturally, they don’t get the job they want.

If however, they were to rewrite their CV (Resume) emphasising their strengths in relation to the job offer, such an application might well be looked upon favourably by a prospective employer. It might be that their expertise outweighs that of the other candidates who might well posses that qualification but do not have the same experience.

It might be that the number of applicants for the job is drastically reduced by the stipulation of the qualification, so regardless of the fact that you don’t hold it – despite it being stated as a prerequisite – it could actually work to your advantage.

Of course, exactly the same is true about any of the requirements stated in a job advertisement. If you have the confidence to apply, you might attract the opportunity to be interviewed where you can get on with selling yourself to the organisation and that’s where the decision is made – in the interview. If you don’t get interviewed, you don’t get the job. So you should try to see prerequisite requirements as a set of guidelines only.

Of course, I am not saying you should apply for any job for which you are completely unsuitable. But what I am saying is that many people unnecessarily disqualify themselves by letting a particular obstacle bar their progress. So don’t let it. If it comes up in the interview, you can explain how you intend to get it after you get the job if need be.

So remember that the majority of obstacles we perceive are just that – perceptions. They are not reality and if you understand this, you will put yourself ahead of the remainder of the pack and begin to attract the offers you really want. Just learn to have confidence in your own abilities and many of the perceived obstacles that are before you will simply evaporate.

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