How to Get Thin in 6 Weeks

Here are six simple tips that will help you to get thin in just 6 weeks. But remember that you have to actually do this stuff. Reading does not get you thin; doing does. So remember to just do it; and if you will simply just do these things, in six weeks time, you will be thinner and you will also be wondering how and why a few simple tips was all it took.

Just follow through and take action for the next six weeks. The tips are all very simple, they are all very doable and you may be inclined to dismiss them for one reason or another, but don’t let your mind get in the way. Resolve that for the next six weeks you will just follow this little program and then you can make your judgement at the end.

So that’s the deal: is it fair? I hope you think it is a fair deal because I want you to succeed and to do that, you need to mentally buy in to doing this stuff for the entire six week period.

One last thing before we start: of course, your doctor’s advice should come first. If you have a medical condition, for example, there may be special dietary requirements that you will need to take into account and such considerations are beyond the scope of this article.

Ok, here we go. Here are my 6 top tips for losing that excess weight.

Stop Drinking Fizzy Drinks

This tip is going to shock you, but you need to really take this on board: you need to stop drinking fizzy drinks – even the so called ‘diet’ drinks. In some cases, this action alone, over the course of time, will be enough to get those excess pounds off you. Of course, the reason you drink diet drinks is because they contain hardly any calories – right? But the problem is that they have been shown to increase the craving for other sugary foods, so make a decision to stop drinking that stuff and just do it.

The E Word

Yes, you knew it was going to be on this list didn’t you? So let’s get it out there right away: decide what kind of exercise suits you best and then commit to doing it every day or, at very least, three times per week. We are not training to be athletes, but we also do not want to be neglecting our need to stay fit and healthy. So just decide what aerobic exercise suits you best; it could be running, walking, riding a bike, playing a sport, swimming, jogging, dancing or a multitude of other activities. Then make sure you follow through with action: again, again just do it – you know it makes sense.

Your Five a Day

Make sure you eat five pieces or portions of fruit and vegetables every day. This is easier than you might think if you just plan a little. Start having some fruit and yoghurt for breakfast for example; not every day, but perhaps once or twice per week. When you have lunch, try to select the vegetarian option. When you have dinner, make a deal with yourself to eat the vegetables first. During the day, eat a piece of fruit, perhaps an apple or a banana or an orange. That’s not complicated is it? So remember to do it.

Drink More Water

Fat people drink coffee, fizzy and alcoholic drinks. We have already got a prohibition on fizzy drinks agreed for the entire six weeks, so I am not going to ask you to give up drinking coffee and alcohol during that time, but I am going to ask you to drink more water. I know you don’t like the stuff and I know you think that you are getting enough fluid via other means, but again just do it. Drink six glasses of water per day for the entire six weeks. It’s not as difficult as you might think.

Program Your Mind for Success

There are various ways you can do this. You can use hypnosis, affirmations, subliminals and positive self-talk. You could subscribe to our free affirmations course for example. It doesn’t matter which method you choose, but start telling yourself that you can do it; start seeing yourself as succeeding rather than failing; and start thinking about yourself in a positive light. Never say anything negative about yourself and make a conscious effort to mentally reject anything negative that other people may say about you. Make sure you keep this up for the entire six weeks.

Stop Weighing Yourself

Are you weighing yourself every day or every week? Well, I have to tell you that, for the entire six week period, you must not weight yourself at all. Sounds silly – right? After all, what harm can weighing yourself do? OK, listen up: when you don’t see the evidence after you have put in some steady effort, it will be powerfully demotivating and I don’t want your resolve to be affected in this way. Weight loss is never a straight line downward trend; it is always up and down, even in the course of a day. So again, trust me. Just do not weight yourself for the entire six weeks. Just don’t do it – how’s that for a change?

So, there it is! I bet you have never seen a weight loss program like this one before but do you know something? There is definitely something wrong with your average diet program – they just don’t work in the long run. So try this. Print out this post and keep it somewhere handy so that you can remind yourself of what you are going to do.

Make a little plan for when you are going to exercise and what you are going to do – and remember that it needn’t be the same exercise every day. Whatever method you choose for training your mind, make sure you use it for the entire six weeks. Ensure you resist the temptation to weigh yourself until the six weeks has passed. Stop drinking fizzy drinks. Ensure you drink 6 glasses of water per day and eat five portions of fruit and vegetables each day – deal?

OK, now go and lose that weight.

10 thoughts on “How to Get Thin in 6 Weeks

  1. Marte


    I think this sounds great – I’ve been overweight for so long, and I’ve only just recently decided that enough is enough, and since April 2nd, I’ve lost 18 pounds! I’m doing Jillian Michaels’ 30 day Shred as well as minding my calories – and I’ve stopped drinking things like Pepsi Max and all that jazz. I think these tips are really good – and it does work, as long as you’re motivated and stay motivated! Scales are no good – they will make you feel awful if you’ve gained again one week! they don’t tell you whether it’s fat or muscle either – so they can be deceiving! To anyone dieting and getting fit out there – you can do it, if you put your mind in to it!

    Regards Marte – Norway

  2. Crueila

    This is a good advice, it really helped me .

  3. Gillum

    I’v gained a lot of weight recently. I want to lose as much weight as I can in 6 weeks then when I feel satisfied I’m going to eat right to maintain my weight. I’m 16 years old and like 180 something pounds. I’m 6’2 maybe 6’3 and I’m a Male. I came down from 200 pounds to 175 last summer. I was wanting to hit 160. But when I hit 170 I was unable to lose more weight like I wanted to. So I stopped and started gaining more weight and oh boy I could tell. My thighs are so much bigger! It’s really getting on my nerves. But this article helps a lot.

  4. Will Edwards Post author

    Hi Val

    You are right about people suffering from a medical condition. That’s not who the article is directed at, so I am grateful to you for pointing it out. With regard to programing the mind, I believe it can have a profound effect – perhaps I’ll make it a subject of a future post – and with regard to the matter of weighing youself, we’ll just have to agree to differ.

    Best wishes,

    Will 🙂

  5. JP

    I think this is great advice! I lost 20 pounds by doing almost exactly what you have suggested. I started walking four or five times a week. I bleached my teeth which meant I had to give up dark colored foods (soda and coffee). I carry a water bottle everywhere I go. I watched portion sizes but I wasn’t starving myself, and I still ate some sweets every now and then. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as one would think and the results are amazing!

  6. Val

    Will: While many of the points made in this article ring true, I think one essential factor is missing – that being, the necessity of determining what caused a person to become overweight in the first place.

    For example, for a person suffering from metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance, the advice to “eat an apple or a banana or an orange” is NOT good advice.

    Eating fruits such as these that are high on the glycemic index will cause a spike in blood sugar that will ultimately trigger cravings for more sweet food. Bananas are high on the glycemic index and carry a high glycemic load, as well.

    For persons who are overweight due to insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome, bananas are one of the worst choices they can make. Likewise, apples and oranges should be eaten very sparingly, and ONLY if the person has had a serving of protein along with these fruit selections.

    Once an overweight person determines what is causing their body to store excess fat, they can learn to make wise choices in selecting foods that stabilize their blood sugar and at the same time, satisfy their cravings.

    Programming your mind by telling yourself that you can succeed will not program your body to handle inappropriate food choices.

    Learning to make wise choices according to whatever problem has caused you to become overweight in the first place will help people achieve, manage, maintain an acceptable body weight.

    There is no simple ‘one plan for all’ that works for weight loss, though it is a nice idea to think that this is so.

    And yes, a positive attitude does help. However, the positive attitude needs to be based on solid nutritional facts rather than wishful thinking.

    I also don’t agree with your statement “Just do not weight yourself for the entire six weeks. Just don’t do it – how’s that for a change?”

    That’s another topic entirely, so will leave it be for now. 😉

  7. Will Edwards Post author

    Hi Stilson

    When I was younger, I had the same problem. There must be a ton of good-tasting fatty stuff you could consume regularly. How about chocolate, for example? What sorted it out for me was eating fish and chips every day for lunch in addition to my normal evening meal.


    Will 😉

  8. Stilson Muhwezi

    Thanks Will. I always enjoy your pieces, and find them very useful.

    You may need to share with some of us who need to gain weight. Emphasis is usually put on losing weight, yet some people need to gain it. How do we do it?


  9. Will Edwards Post author

    Hey Lalit

    You can call me Will 😉

    I agree with your point about consulting the doctor on the question of exercise.

    Will 🙂

  10. Lalit

    Edwards, I think people who want to achieve their targetted weight must be mentally prepared for it and nothing will happen if they are not mentally prepared to follow the routine.

    In addition to the points, you have mentioned above, I would like to add that, brisk walking for 20-30 minutes a day can also help if permitted by your body or trainer. I personally feel that you must consult your doctor, if you have some other health problem and only on the advice of the doctor, you can take the exercise.

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