Hee-Ah Lee: Piano and Possibility

Hee Ah Lee plays piano beautifully, yet this girl was born with just two fingers on each hand. The thumb of her left hand contains no bones at all and in addition, her legs do not extend beyond her knees.

When she was 7 years old, she started to learn to play the piano because her mother thought it might help to strengthen her hands. At that time, she could not even hold a pencil.

In 1992, she won First Prize at the Korean National Student Music Contest and she has won many other prizes including an award presented by the Korean President for overcoming physical disability. She has recently released her first album. Now aged 26, she travels the world, playing to stunned audiences.

In addition to appreciating just how much this person has already achieved in her life – a truly astonishing feat as I am sure you will agree – what I hope you will additionally take from this story is an affirmation of what the human spirit is capable of achieving.

It is amazing what can be accomplished through dedication. To say it plainly: you too are capable of achieving much, much more than you think may be possible!

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  1. LS

    Thanks so much. I have never heard of this pianist and found the music just amazing. I wonder at what point the dream of performing musically first awoke in her heart.

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