Hearts Landing

Hearts Landing CANVA REV 1 313x500

Only the small town of Hearts Landing stands between Keziah Steelman reaching the upper echelons of Galaxy Corporation. All she has to do is convince the town to approve construction of a mega casino. Since Hearts Landing has lost its major employer, it should be an easy sell.

Unstoppable force meets immovable object in the person of Ric Hudson, Christian leader of the opposition. Armed with handmade posters and mimeographed fliers, Ric seems powerless to combat Galaxy.

But so did David against Goliath. Although Keziah grew up in a Christian home, she trusts in herself, not God. Her plan: go to Hearts Landing, infiltrate the opposition and destroy it from within.

Keziah left the Lord in her past. Secrets from Ric’s past threaten to destroy his future. Can the hearts of this unlikely couple land in a love only God can give?

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