Happy Christmas!

Well, it’s nearly Christmas and I just can’t believe it. It has now been three whole months that I have been working on my web business full-time and that time has just flown by. So I thought I would make a quick post, thinking forward to the coming year, and outline a little of my plans.¬†But, first off, me and my dog (Darcey) wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas!

By the way, you can visit Darcey’s blog here. It is something I often suggest that people do when they tell me that they are just waiting for the right idea to get their online empire off the ground. As I always tell them, you don’t need a big idea; you just need to get started. Heck, if my dog can make money online, so can you. Do you see how simple an idea Darcey’s blog is? People find it through our old friend Google and some of them click on those Ads and she gets paid, not in dog biscuits, but hard earned cash. Of course, I have to bank it for her and then buy the dog biscuits ūüėČ

As I have said many times before, blogging is a great way for anyone to get started online. Sure you need to be able to write, so it helps if you can find a subject you like writing about – like your dog maybe? Quite honestly, the subject can be just about anything because there will always be people searching for what you are writing about. If you just commit yourself to producing good quality content, then other people will start linking to your site and then you will start turning up in the search engines. It’s not a get rich quick approach, but it works.

For the year ahead, I am going to be concentrating on finishing some projects I have half-completed. The Bible Secret is a book I had originally intended as a ClickBank product because there is so little quality in the spiritual section at that site. However, my voice-over contact seems to no longer want to do that work, so it got stalled. That said, I have recently put it into the Kindle borrowing library, so we’ll see how that goes. Perhaps, it was always destined to be a Kindle book.

A second stalled project relates to a management book I started when I was still working at my old day job. As a well-qualified specialist in a particular subject area, I started a book a couple of years ago. It got stalled because I decided there could be a conflict of interest with my day job if I were to progress the book and, in addition, there could have been possible trademark issues with the subject material. Now, the first consideration no longer applies and I think I can work around the possible trademark issues, so it is something I want to pick up again.

A third stalled project is my story of two lads growing up in Liverpool, in the sixties. It is largely autobiographical and it is full of my own childhood experiences. A problem for me is whether to make it an autobiography or just to call it a story. The thing is, I wanted to tell the truth about the teachers at my old school but I don’t want to end up in court. You see, they were (in the main) hard and ruthless individuals who should never have been allowed to teach children. An exception was our English master, for whom I still have the greatest respect. Anyway, I will be working this out and finishing this project too.

A fourth project is one that I have started most recently. It is a new book that outlines how I managed to build my web business including all the valuable lessons I had to learn the hard way. This is definitely a product that I want to add to the White Dove Books site and I think it will probably be the first to be completed in the new year.

So, there you go. That’s a little of what will be coming up in the new year. If you are a regular subscriber, I would be most interested to hear your views on which of the above titles would be most appealing to you. Meanwhile, I hope you have got all your Christmas shopping done. If you haven’t, remember our Christmas List idea.


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