The Gospel According to Splinter

Did you know that one of the disciples of Jesus was a clown? An ancient document has been recovered and a new Gospel is now available! The author of this gospel is the clown himself. He was called “Splinter” – a name given to him by Christ. Splinter traveled with Jesus and saw and heard all the wonderful things that Jesus did.

The Gospel According to Splinter is his memories and favorite stories. In this gospel, Splinter features regularly. He bungles his way through the years he is with Jesus, and he learns a lot about himself, and his friend, along the way. Splinter mimes the parables of Jesus, tells stories, does magic tricks, and tries to lighten the atmosphere when it all gets a bit heavy at times. He tells jokes, juggles, and entertains… and all the time he is learning more about this amazing guy he is a disciple of. As the dark days leading up to the crucifixion occur, it impacts Splinter in its own unique way.


The Gospel According to Splinter is a wonderful “historical fiction” that celebrates creative ministry, and encourages everyone reading it to find their own space in the world, find their own calling, their own gifting, their own “thing” – and to do it with enthusiasm and joy!

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