Google Struggling Over Cookie Law

Having already contacted ClickBank about the requirements of the UK Cookie Law, I also wanted to contact Google. A number of years back, I remember sending them an email and I got a response too. But, these days, they seem to be very difficult to get hold of. The contact pages on the their site lead to forums, blogs and help pages, but I can find no way of making direct contact.

A search for “cookie law” on the official Google Blog returns only one article and it is dated 2007. In addition, there is no related information at all, to be found on the official Google Webmaster’s Blog. So whilst there is speculation all over the web as to Google’s official stance on their use of cookies for services such as analytics, there appears to be no official statement to be found from the company, at present, on the matter of the UK Cooke Law.

Today however, I was able to find the following comment at the V3 site:

Anthony House, public policy manager at Google, said the company’s work on compliance is “in progress” but is taking longer than the firm had hoped.

“One of the things that has made us move more slowly than we would like is that we have to cover it from all the angles,” he said at an event to discuss the issue hosted by law firm Field Fisher Waterhouse and attended by V3.

“We have a popular destination site, an ad network, a browser and an analytics solution that’s almost a mini-microcosm of the internet when we have an internal meeting to discuss what we are going to do, so it’s taking a little bit of time.”

This comment is interesting because the meeting at which the above comment was made was apparently attended by V3 – the site that posted this information. So whilst it is not an official comment, nevertheless, it appears to have come first-hand from a primary source.

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