Google Doodles: Can You Spot a Fake?

Yesterday’s Google Doodle, honouring Gideon Sundback (the zip fastener inventor) got me looking at past doodles and, at first, I thought I would write a post highlighting my favourites. However, as I have recently finished a Guest post, for another blog, on the subject of 7 artists that impacted my thinking, I thought I would see how many of them had been the subject of Google Doodles.

It turned out that not all of the artists I wrote about have actually been featured as Google Doodles. So, I thought for a bit of fun, I would fill-in the blank – as it were. So the question I want to pose to you in this post is: can you spot a fake? Here are the 7 Google Doodles that correspond to the 7 artists I featured.

If you think you can spot a fake, leave me a comment below.

1. Vincent Van Gogh

2. MC Escher

3. Salvador Dali

4. Claude Monet

5. Tracey Emin 

6. Mark Rothko

7. Pablo Picasso

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