Goals: End or Means?

The above video describes the difference between ‘means’ goals and ‘end’ goals. Many people get caught up with ‘means’ goals and forget to think bigger; in terms of their ‘end’ goals. The result is they end up in careers they don’t really care about.

But it doesn’t matter who you are and where you are right now in your life, the script for the remainder of your life has not yet been written. So think about these three areas of your life …

  1. What do You Want to Experience
  2. How to You Want to Grow
  3. How do You Want to Contribute

Get a pen and paper and answer those questions. You might be surprised where it will all lead because, once you have clarity on these three important areas, coincidences will begin to happen. You can change your life if you will first be disciplined enough to clarify your thinking.

Will you do it? I hope so.

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