Getting in Touch with Your Higher Self

When St Paul lamented his carnal, unspiritual nature saying that he continued to do things that he hated and did not do the good things he really desired to do, it was his higher self speaking. We all have such a self with aspirations and desires that align with God’s purposes.

There are sure to have been times when your own actions – the things you chose to do – were fundamentally misaligned with your own inner desires. To take a simple example, perhaps you wanted to stop smoking, lose weight or wanted to improve your physical condition in some way. These things are really the desires of your higher self. However, despite these good intentions, your worldly self continues to make bad decisions that do not support your good intentions.

When we experience this kind of incongruence between our own behaviour and our very best intentions, we are engaged in a kind of dialogue with our higher self. It is another self (lower self) that wants to live our lives by acting out of self interest. Personally, I think just being aware of this simple fact is, at least, some comfort. For one thing, it illustrates just how easy it is to be connected with our higher self. It is not complicated at all.

Despite certain suggestions that the higher self can only be reached through spiritual practices such as meditation, we can very easily learn to recognise the voice of our own higher self. We simply need to be aware of our motives. When we are putting the interests of other people before our own, when we are being kind and considerate to others, then we are acting from the pure motives of higher self rather than the self interest of our lower nature.

The higher self is not competitive, but cooperative and it naturally radiates the abundance, rather than the scarcity, mentality we previously discussed. Your higher self certainly wants the best for yourself, so that is why you have the desire to lose weight, stop smoking and so on. But it also wants the best for everyone else and that is why it does not have a competitive spirit. When you are acting in a manner that embraces abundance and reaches out to others to offer help, then you are in complete alignment with your higher self.

As I mentioned, you don’t need to meditate to get in touch with your own higher self, but you can certainly learn more about your own higher self through such discipline and it is not a complicated business either. Just learn how to be quiet and still. Find peaceful places to walk, to sit and to just, be. Quieten your mind. Stop yourself thinking. It is in the silence that you will discover the still small voice of your higher self.

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