Get Inspiration Straight to Your Mobile

Today, we have added the Inspiration Blog to the Google Currents distribution network. This means you can now get Inspiration directly to your mobile device, android, iphone, tablet or whatever.

To start receiving Inspiration directly to your mobile device … Click Here.

By the way, if you have a blog, you can quite easily add your site to Google Currents and benefit from the additional traffic. Right now, there are very few blogs in the network, so your blog stands a very good chance of showing up in search and that can only mean more traffic for you.

The process is quite straightforward, but you will need to know your RSS feed url and you also need to go through a process of verification for the site you submit. This is very straightforward if you already have a Google Webmaster account.

Personally, I found the user interface for Google Currents a little cumbersome. For example, I could not find a place to delete the RSS feed without deleting the entire publication and starting again. I needed to delete the first feed I had entered because I have my Feedburner feed now linked to my Yahoo Pipes feed to aggregate my three main blogs for the Inspiration Newsletter.

As I do not own Yahoo Pipes, I was not able to verify ownership of the aggregated feed. So I simply deleted the whole thing and resubmitted using the blog RSS feed and my YouTube channel name as content sources. After that, it was pretty easy to get it all setup.

Once you are all setup, Google will provide your with a link and you then need to get your first 200 subscribers, after which you blog will begin to show up in search results.

Click Here to add your blog to Google Currents.

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