From Lift-Off to Auto-Pilot

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Today, I read an article that made the point that perhaps if you are not getting the results you want in life, you should take some time out. It comes at an interesting time for me because I was thinking about doing just the opposite i.e. re-doubling my effort. Actually, I don’t think these two ideas are necessarily as opposed as you might at first think.

Taking a day out every now and then to do just what you want – whatever that is – can be very beneficial I think, especially in the area of renewing our thinking. Sometimes we just need to recharge our batteries, so to speak, and sometimes a break away from the daily routine is exactly what is necessary for that. However, there are also times in life when we need to just dig in and kick it a bit harder.

You may recall the post I made about the difference between an average performer and an exceptional performer. The thing is that the difference turns out to be not as great as you might imagine. The difference between average and great could be within your grasp provided you are willing to do just a little bit more than you are doing right now.

Of course, you do need to be careful about your health and general well-being. I am not suggesting that you work yourself into the ground, but perhaps a little bit more focused effort is all it will take for you to really make a significant leap and become a different class of performer. When the Wright Brothers finally got their plane to fly, I understand that they had been making very many adjustments, but the final adjustment was a minor one and it made all the difference.

The point is, you can really never tell how close you are to outstanding success. Like many things in life, getting there is a lot harder than staying there. Achieving lift-off is often the difficulty that causes so many people to give up. Once you have managed to consistently produce the kind of results you are after, you will be able to optimise your systems to continue to produce those results and you may even be able to find ways of doing so on auto-pilot.

Of course, the idea of producing results on auto-pilot sounds fanciful when you still have not learned how to fly. I bet that the idea would have sounded ridiculous to the Wright Brothers too, but remember that today, the vast majority of aeroplanes are flown on autopilot. Is that thought enough to help you to dig-in and find something extra; the small adjustment that could make all the difference in your life?

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