Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life

Are you constantly looking for the meaning of life? Are you wondering what your particular purpose is?

Simply said, you were given the gift of life and now it is your turn to gift yourself to others. You see, you were created with a certain set of inborn passions and talents, and a personality that is all your own. You can either choose to rise to your potential and use what you’ve been given for good, or you can suffocate your purpose and die a slow and meaningless death.

Do you know what your passions are? Have you identified your unique talents? Have you thought about what’s different about you compared to others? In order to bless the world and fulfill your purpose, it is helpful to know what your strongest personal passions and talents are. When you do, you will have a good idea of which direction to go in and how to further develop yourself.

As important as it is to know your passions and strengths, it is also important to know what you don’t like. Knowing what to say yes to and what to say no to will help you gain focus. Don’t put up with living a life that’s not uniquely you. Resist the urge to settle for a mediocre life.

Strength Identification

Your top strengths might be something you do naturally and with ease. Your passions are identified by what you migrate towards and how you spend your spare time.

Many people don’t recognize their own strengths. People that tend to associate with others just like themselves may feel they are just one of a group of many that hold a certain skill. At the workplace, for instance, there may be a whole team of individuals who are equally as talented in similar areas. They need to be, in order to adequately work together as a team and do the job they’ve been paid to do. Their personal skills get gobbled up in the crowd. They feel they are just another cog in the wheel. But that is not completely true. Sometimes it takes stepping outside of their circle of friends or associates in order to really see their talent at work.

There are certain places you can go and groups you can intermingle with that will allow your talents to shine. Have you ever been involved in something and thought to yourself, “I could have done a better job than that”? Have you ever been in a group where you stepped up to do a task because no one else in the group was stepping up? If you are fortunate, you will find new places where your skills will be called upon, and you will see them for yourself in a new light. Sometimes it means leaving your comfort zone.

Strength Development

In order to bless the world with your strengths, it is a good idea to develop them. Some talents may lie dormant for many years unless or until they are called upon. A woman who was an efficient typist in a business office before leaving the workforce to raise her family won’t lose her talents as a good administrative assistant. Her skills may become rusty, but if she truly was good at what she did, all she needs is a new opportunity to get back into a grove.

Skills develop with practice and attention. A musician will improve when he dedicates himself to playing his instrument more frequently. A mathematician will keep his mind sharp when he continues to do math. An artist will grow and develop by discovering new techniques and products and trying them out.

The gifts that you were born with are meant to be taken care of and developed. Even when you think you know it all, more than likely, you don’t. Everyone has weaknesses. Everyone has room for improvement. The world changes so quickly, there are always new things to learn for the plumber or librarian alike. Commit yourself to ongoing learning and perfect that which is in you.

Walk Through Open Doors

In order to bless the world, you will need to take your strengths and walk through doors of opportunity that open to you. To investigate new opportunities takes risk, but if you don’t venture out, you’ll never fulfill your purpose. Not only will others lose out, but you will too. You will never know what you are fully capable of.

Look for opportunities to use your gifts for the common good of man. Using them just for yourself is limiting. Life will have more meaning if you can find others who will truly benefit from what you offer.

Pay or No Pay

Obviously, the world’s commodity is money. Many people expect to be paid for giving their time and talents, but money isn’t necessarily the measurement of success and fulfillment. There is value in giving yourself away as a gift to others without expecting anything tangible in return. You might not see the fruit of your efforts, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. For instance, the artist may never know how many times his painting is admired by the one who purchases it, or by those who walk past it on a daily basis. Still, the artwork serves to make the world a more beautiful and enjoyable place. It has purpose.

Music and dance have the ability to evoke emotion in those watching. What looks like a mere combination of words on paper to a writer, has the ability to change the paradigm thinking of a person that reads it. Humour can change the mood of many. When you find that your skills help others, you will feel a sense of fulfilment that is far different from the fulfillment of a paycheque.

What It’s All About

If you are to find meaning in life and fulfill your personal mission it is important to know what your personal strengths and talents are and then to cultivate, develop and use them. Take risks and use your gifts in new settings. Do so with the intention of adding value to the world and inspiring others. In these ways, you will be who you were created to be. You will do what you were created to do, and the world will be blessed.

Article by Joy R. Calderwood

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