Enneagram Type 8 – The Confronter/Boss

These people thrive on challenges and are prepared to deal with anything that life has to offer. They see themselves as the “knights” of the kingdom – their job is to protect the innocent and the less able. Their underlying motivation is a feeling of weakness so to avoid this; they develop a heightened sense of power. You can feel their presence as soon as they enter a room.

These personality types thrive in the military or political world. From a positive viewpoint, their personality make up means that they are extremely resourceful and will always stand up for those they view to be less able. They also encourage others to have more belief in themselves and to stand firm in their convictions.

They tend to believe that the end justifies the means so manipulate situations to their advantage. They tend to see situations in a black and white way which can cause them to be inflexible. Their underlying desire is for power not prestige which can lead to bullying. They have the ability to spot a weakness in their opponents.

Do you fit the role of the Boss?

  • Do you often find yourself fighting for other people’s rights with no fear of any repercussions?
  • Do people who take ages to make a point irritate you the most?
  • Are you a natural leader?
  • Do you think you are a practical person i.e. the one to get the job done?

Some tips to help make the positive side of your personality type shine through:

  • Learn to control your “confrontational” side.
  • Life is not black and white. Human beings create complex problems and it may not always be apparent which side is the “right” one.
  • Learn to allow others to take the lead sometimes.
  • Learn to manage your anger properly. Suppressing your angry feelings isn’t enough as that can cause problems too.

Work on your tendency to bully and be controlling. Concentrate on remembering that everyone is not created equal – some are not as strong as others and it is these that need your protection not you’re bullying.

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