Enneagram Type 3 – The Performer

Performers are free thinkers who tend to harbor a deep-seated fear of failure. They often measure success based upon the respect and approval they receive from others. They are image orientated people who can provide an outwardly positive, well groomed appearance despite sometimes feeling completely desperate and negative about their lives. They are great politicians as they instinctively know when to say nothing. They also excel in selling and advertising roles as their positivity and go getting approach tends to attract other people.

Their positive qualities can make them great leaders, but in their drive for success they can sometimes cause resentment and frustration. They will rely on their natural charisma and charm to get them out of these sticky personal relationship difficulties. They are natural talkers and being so optimistic and confident, they believe they could probably sell snow to the Eskimos.

The negative side of their personality type is that they cannot bear any criticism, even if meant constructively. They often interpret being criticized as failing. Being masters of communication, they can easily use sarcasm as a means of putting someone else down.  As their primary motivator is a fear of failure, they will be intolerant of any behavior which is socially unacceptable. This can extend to their children’s poor table manners, rudeness or boldness. Anything that could potentially reflect badly on them is simply not tolerated.

Are you a performer?

  • Do you often feel like you are wearing a mask or acting a role? The world sees a confident, go getter whilst you might see someone who is a bit of a failure?
  • Do you have very few close friends but a number of friendly acquaintances mainly related to your field of work?
  • Is it difficult for you to relax and just do nothing?
  • Do you worry about letting people get too close to you in case they see you are in fact a “failure”?
  • Do you worry that other people you work with will eventually find out that you are not really capable of doing anything right?

Try these simple tips to help restore the positive aspects of your personality type if you are a succeeder:

  • Allow other people to love the real you not your job or your financial status
  • Learn to accept yourself – get rid of the mask. Whilst nobody likes a serial moaner, people who are always on top of the world can be difficult to live with too
  • Try to appreciate your life as it currently stands. Stop waiting for the next pay rise or promotion to enjoy life.

You can learn to channel your negative characteristic of frantic activity into goal setting. Instead of focusing on outer success, use your natural abilities to work for the benefit of everyone’s success.

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