Do You Talk To Your Self?

Thinking back, I believe I was about five or six years old the first time I remember my mother telling me to stop talking to myself because I was making her crazy. As soon as I learned how to read and write, I started developing stories, and plays, and poems in my head and I would talk out loud just to hear myself and makes changes if things didn’t sound just right.

Now, Mom likes to tell the story that I started talking at age two and haven’t shut up since and she’s right. I’m fifty-six and still talking out loud. Only now, I’m getting paid to do it which just makes my mother shake her head in comic disbelief.

But my childhood stories are not the point of this article. You are. And here’s where you step in. We all know that everyone in the whole, wide world talks to themselves, either silently or aloud, right? But that’s not really what I asked, was it? The title asks, “Do you talk to your Self?” with a capital “S”. Do you know the difference?

Let me explain …

The Master Creator of the Universe, whom I call God and you might have a different name for, created you in His image rather than making you the pesky fruit fly or the summer dandelion. Why did He do that? Because He has a specific Purpose for you and in order to complete your particular assignment(s), He has also given you all the tools, talents, time, and teaching you’ll need … all different from anyone else, but yours to contribute to the Bigger Purpose with.

In your physical body, you have been gifted with eyes, ears, hands, feet, arms, legs, fingers, toes, teeth, and tons of other body parts put there to help you accomplish His mission. Your eyes lead you (even in the dark); you use your hands to survive, to create, to help; your feet transport you from where you are to where you want to be; your teeth keep your body fed and fueled and all are for your use at your command. So your physical body, your physical self, helps you at your will.

But your Great Creator didn’t stop there. You see, He created you in HIS image, which means you also inherited His DNA, his Power, His secret, super-hero-something called SPIRIT that no one on Earth can touch, explain, examine under a microscope or even clearly identify. Why not? Because Spirit is invisible. Think about it. All the invisible parts of you: your thoughts, feelings, fears, hope, joy, love, kindness, generosity, brilliance, beliefs, intentions, intuition, desires, talents … all invisible. Where are they stored in you? What do they look like? If I asked you to draw a picture of your brain, you could make an attempt. But what if I asked you to draw a picture of your mind? Different story. Your brain is physical. Your mind is of the Spirit.

Your physical parts are your physical self.

Your invisible parts are your Spiritual Self. With a capital “S”.
So, when I ask you, ‘Do you talk to your Self?’ do your eyebrows rise a little now, wondering if maybe, just maybe your Spiritual Self actually is who you’re talking to?

Allow me to toss a few more logs on your pondering by the fire by asking you:

• Have you ever considered where your thoughts come from?
• Are you familiar with intuition? Exactly how does that work?
• Do you realize that which was not created by God, was created by man? Are you doubtful? Look around. Name one thing in existence to disprove this and know, also, that EVERYTHING created by man, began with a thought in man’s imagination. Yep. It’s true.
• Knowing all this, do you recognize the Power within your Self and the magnificent potential in talking to your Self?
• When the Spirit moves you, do you move or sit there waiting for something different?

I have a little exercise for you to try. Very slowly say the word “yourself” out loud and listen … slowly. Did you hear what happened? The word “yourself” turned into “you-or-self”, didn’t it? So right inside the word itself, you are differentiated as two separate beings: you and Self. Physical and Spiritual. It just doesn’t get any simpler than that.

If you want to advance yourself personally or spiritually, the quickest, surest, easiest, no-cost way is to talk to your Self and pay attention to the little Voice that Answers. Train your Spiritual Self to work for you, just as you trained your feet to walk, your hands to write and your mouth to speak. Then, the next time someone asks you if you’re talking to yourself, you can smile with Secret, Super-hero confidence and say, “Yes, as a matter of fact, I am!”

That will have them whispering.

Stay true to your Self. Always. And in all ways.

Friends for the journey,


Dawn-Marie Hanrahan, founder of is a #1 Bestselling Author, TranSpirational Speaker and Spiritual Leader. Her thought-provoking seminars and intuitive written works, masterfully combined with stunning 5-Star photography, raise the awareness of her audiences to higher levels of personal and spiritual understanding. “UNBREAKABLE SPIRIT – Rising Above the Impossible” co-authored, with Lisa Nichols of THE SECRET and Chicken Soup fame, can be found at

3 thoughts on “Do You Talk To Your Self?

  1. Dawn-Marie

    Stephen and Joseph,
    Thank you for taking the time to leave your comments. I do agree that most people talk to themselves but I don’t believe they’re paying much attention to who it is Listening and Answering. THAT is key!

    Once an awareness is made and the connection to one’s inner Voice, one’s authentic and Spiritual Self, is considered real and “legitimate”, higher powers come into play, transformation begins to occur and life turns a most joyful corner!

  2. Joseph Medina

    This’s an interesting article because most of the times when I’m all by myself I usually talk to myself basically to meditate and I end up talking to myself specially to give a little motivation and encouragement to myself. I guess everybody does it once in a while, don’t you think so?

  3. Stephen Guise

    This is funny. I have a post sitting in my drafts on this same topic. I believe that self-talk is healthy!

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