Did Nikki Waste Her $20?

Today, I was perusing the videos on YouTube and I came across one called the $20 Make Up Challenge. I don’t normally watch videos about make-up, but I am interested in how people are using YouTube for marketing purposes, so I clicked and watched the video.

It was – you guessed it- about being able to do your make-up for just $20, and in the video by Nikki Phillippi, it takes her about 7 minutes and the application of the cosmetics she had chosen to achieve a completely natural look. It turns out that is really is a natural look because the thing that struck me was that I could hardly see the difference.

Take a look for yourself and see if you can tell me which of these pictures is the ‘before’ and which is the ‘after’ shot? Perhaps if you are female, you might place some kind of value on being able to achieve the kind of subtle difference represented by these two photos.

Of course, I could be in the minority, but my reaction is in my post title i.e. Nikki, you just wasted your $20!

Actually, the more I study the images, the more I find that I can see the differences. But I am still left wondering: is it really worth it? In fact, I even wonder whether males might actually prefer the ‘before’ shot

So, I am not going to tell you which is the ‘before’ shot and which is the ‘after’. What I thought we would do, for a bit of fun, is ask people to vote on the matter. There has been no doctoring of the images at all. One of them is genuinely Nikki without the make-up and the other is her after she has applied the stuff.

There are no prizes for guessing right either, but if you would like to have a go, please leave your comment below. In addition to saying which image you think is the ‘before’ shot and which is the ‘after’, could you also tell me which of the two photographs you prefer?

If you are male, perhaps you could imagine being introduced to a pair of identical twins and you could only ask one of them for a date. Yes, they are both beautiful, but which one would you ask out? If you are female, I feel reasonably sure you will be able to guess which one has the make-up applied, but I am interested in your opinion too.

So, the question is: did Nikki just waste her $20?

2 thoughts on “Did Nikki Waste Her $20?

  1. Victoria

    You are right, Will, Nikki looks good in both pics but I believe the bottom photo to be the ‘after’ shot. I wonder at what point in history it became unacceptable for women not to wear makeup? Pre or post the advertising industry?

    Most of the men I know prefer women with either no or minimal makeup.

  2. Donna

    Hi, Will – I’d say the bottom picture is the ‘after,’ since I see some eye makeup, lipstick & a more ‘polished’ look.

    It is ironic that most women (myself included) spend money on makeup with the goal of looking like you aren’t wearing any! Go figure!

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