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Over the past months I have noticed one or two people making the effort to contact me in what I would consider to be slightly unusual ways e.g. through blog commenting or by creating a forum thread for the purpose. I don’t mind people doing either of those things, but it started me thinking about why they were not using the contact form that was designed for the purpose.

Blog comments are, of course, meant to be for making (sensible) comments about specific blog articles and forum threads are intended as a way for visitors to connect with like-minded people to discuss whatever they want (within reason). However, the forum has never really taken off (yet) and so I rarely visit it. That means, at least at present, it is definitely not the best way to get my attention. Blog comments do not generally escape my notice – except for the constant deluge of spam that I do my best to ignore. But clearly, something was not quite right and so I decided to investigate.

Although, I do get people using the comment form every day – so I do know it works – some people told me they were not able to contact me via that method. Perhaps some communications get flagged as spam somewhere in the cloud and are therefore not delivered. However, as I don’t like the idea of my visitors and subscribers not being able to get hold of me when they want, I have decided to introduce another, more social method of communication. Social media has completely changed the way we now interact in the modern world and, of course, continues to impact it in ways we can perhaps only imagine.

For some time I have been wondering how to find out more about the people who subscribe to the Inspiration Newsletter. I want to know what kind of things YOU are interested in so I can figure out how I can serve you better in the future. So that’s why I have issued a personal invitation to everyone on the Newsletter list to connect with me on Facebook and that’s also why I have changed the ‘contact’ link (at the top of the blog) to a ‘connect’ via Facebook link. the contact form will continue to exist for those who prefer it, so this is an extra channel of communication.

Social media has completely changed – and is still changing – the way we communicate and I just feel the time is right for me to make myself more available. Of course, I don’t know how this will all pan out. When I think of the lengths that people go to spam me via the contact form and the Newsletter send address, it is kind of interesting and a bit scary at the same time. But I feel sure that this is the right thing to do. So, if you would like to connect with me, please do send me a friend request here.

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