Come Dream With Me

It’s 2.31 am as I begin this post. I have just been watching a couple of programs, on BBC 4, about Jeff Lynne. I found that, when I thought it was about time I got some kip, I was unable to nod off. It is something that happens to me occasionally; I know I am tired, but I just can’t sleep. At times like this, I just get up and go write something. It doesn’t matter to me what I will feel like tomorrow because, I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything; that’s part of the pleasure of working for myself.

Jeff had been talking about the times when his Mum used to call him to get out of bed in the mornings. He lived in Birmingham, where I worked for many years, and he hated going to work on the bus to labour in the factory. But eventually, he became successful with The Move and, later of course, with The Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). Apparently, one day, when Jeff’s Mum called him to get out of bed, he answered, “Mum, I am now a professional musician and I am not getting out of bed at this time today … or ever again!”

That’s the kind of freedom that I now enjoy too. When interviewed at my old job by a consultant who was trying to figure out what personality group I belonged to, I clearly remember being asked what I really wanted in life. And I remember answering, “freedom”. It was becoming successful in my web business that eventually gave me that freedom, so I fully understand what Jeff was talking about. Generally, I don’t sleep in; I am an early riser. But it does give me a great deal of pleasure to know that I can sleep in if I want to, I can stay up if I want to and I can do exactly what I want, when I want.

Looking back at the accomplishments of Jeff Lynne, it is quite amazing who he worked with and what he has achieved. He worked with Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison – and actually, I’ll have to stop there because the full list really could fill the remainder of this post. He is a very humble man, I discovered. I loved the fact that he was knocked out when Paul McCartney asked him to check the harmonies on a recording he and George had completed. In fact, I love his whole attitude. He is just doing what he loves to do and doing it to the best of his ability.

Again, I feel this is true for me too. I am doing what I enjoy (for me, it is writing) and I am simply trying to do it to the best of my ability. It is wonderful that people are beginning to take note of what I am doing and approaching me to work with them. Allowing myself to dream a little, I realise that, like Jeff, I may perhaps get the chance to work with some of my own heroes a little further down the line.

It is a shame that Jim Rohn has died; I would love to have met him and it would have been a real hoot to work with him. Recently, Stephen Covey passed away too, so sadly, I won’t get to work with him either. I admired both of those men and would love to have worked with them. But there are still plenty of other people I would like to work with in the future including:

  • Jack Black
  • Tony Robbins
  • Bob Proctor
  • Zig Ziglar
  • Brian Tracy

My tribute to those people is of course at my motivational videos blog.

Who knows if I will ever get the opportunity? I have no way of making it happen except for the Law of Attraction so it would again be a real hoot if one of them were to drop me a line and suggest we do a JV. If that should happen, you, my dear reader, will be the first to know.

Actually, while I am dreaming about stuff I that would like to happen in the future, I really should also mention that I would love to have one of my books published by Simon and Schuster. Over the years, I have listened to so many great programs of theirs and it would give me a real kick to join the ranks of their authors. At some stage, I will probably contact them via my agent. But for now, I am simply sending my intention out via the Law of Attraction.

Watching Jeff Lynne was a real inspiration. His view was that he is just an ordinary guy who decided to do what he loved doing. So you see, there’s definitely hope for me and you too. 😉

One thought on “Come Dream With Me

  1. Suk Ching

    Hi Will,

    I say, go for it Will…go after your dreams and what you want to work with your list of self-development professionals. I too, like Jim Rohn and Stephen Covey and feel much of the loss.

    I wish you all the best in your JV with your list of amazing people and your wish to be published by Simon and Schuster.

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