Chicken Soup: Stories for the Soul

When Jan Canfield and Mark V. Hansen wrote their bestseller based on what they called their ‘chicken soup’ stories, they just could not get a publisher interested. Chicken Soup for the Soul has now sold over 100 million copies and it has been translated into over fifty languages. It is a great testament to the fact that we all need some ‘chicken soup’ with which to feed our own soul on occasions.

When I began this website, I remember collecting inspiring stories and indeed, I printed a few at the site only to be subsequently contacted by a reader who informed me that some of them were urban myths. It is a shame because, stories communicate in a way that human beings absolutely love and we not only need to hear stories but inspiring ones at that; stories that lift our spirits, provide us with encouragement and help to restore our faith in human nature.

Here is Jack talking about how he managed to finally get the book published and, below, he tells a couple of the stories from the book itself:

The Story of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul was rejected by 144 publishers before a small publisher decided to take it on. This is Jack Canfield’s own story of the book. It is a story of belief, dedication and persistence that shows us what it sometimes – perhaps more often than not – takes to succeed.

The Story of Cliff Young

Cliff Young won the 875-kilometer Sydney to Melbourne race when he was 61 years old. Cliff ran non-stop for 5 ½ days, without sleeping, and broke the race record by 12 hours; in the process beating all of the world class athletes who were running for 18 hours and sleeping for six. Today, if you want to win that race, you have to adopt Cliff’s tactics and many people actually have not only done that, but also copied his running style too.

The Story of Bobsie the Fireman

A young boy who was diagnosed with terminal cancer when he was just 6 years old was appointed as Fire Chief for a day by the Pheonix Fire Department who wanted to help to make his dream of being a fireman come true. He eventually passed away and just before he did, the fire department came to see him as he lay there on his death bed. Bobsie was made a real fireman by that wonderful act of kindness.

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