Building Self Esteem – Top Tips

Self esteem is, quite simply, the opinion you hold about yourself and having a healthy self-regard is fundamental to achieving success in life. You need to first believe in yourself before others will even begin to believe in you. That is why having good positive self-esteem is so essential.

Low self esteem can be the root cause many diverse problems including stress, emotional turmoil, poor quality relationships, eating disorders, compulsive behaviour of all kinds and many other health-related difficulties. So taking this subject seriously is one of the best things you can do for your own self growth.

Here are some top tips on building self esteem.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Probably the number one thing you need to do is to stop judging your self-worth in relation to other people. Your sense of worth needs to come from within; from your basic character – the type person you are – and, if you don’t like who you are, the great news is that you can change and you can become a person that you do like. We’ll discuss how, but first, stop comparing yourself to others.

Review Your Diet

You are, quite literally, what you eat and your body and mind need certain nutrients and minerals in order to function properly. So make sure your diet is healthy and it will go a long way to getting your mind straight. Of course, the advice of your doctor should always come first in this respect, but for most people, you should consider eating more fresh fruit and vegetables to get the nutrition you need naturally.

Positive Self-Talk

Everybody speaks to themselves and they actually can’t lock you up for doing it. But you should make the effort to ensure that your self-talk is positive. Never say anything bad about yourself and never accept anything bad from anyone else. If some says you are ‘dumb’, for example, you could mentally (or even say it aloud) make a note that it is an opinion, not a fact.

Accept Compliments

Whenever you are complimented, accept the compliment graciously. Don’t say the stuff that many people say, such as, ‘it was nothing’ or ‘it was the least I could do’. Instead, thank that person and accept the compliment. Also get into the wonderful habit of complimenting other people whenever you admire something about them. This will work wonders for your relationships.

Perform Random Acts of Kindness

Whenever you see someone in some kind of difficulty and you are well placed to help them out, just do it. Try to perform that act of kindness anonymously (don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing) and also don’t limit your generosity to people you know. Once you start performing random acts of kindness, your self esteem will definitely improve.

Positive Affirmations

Making use of positive affirmations to improve your self-image is a remarkably simple technique but it is also remarkably effective too. An affirmation is a simple statement, generally beginning with the words ‘I am’. For example, ‘I am confident’. Isn’t it amazing that you can actually become more confident just by saying that little phrase to yourself repeatedly?

Find a New Challenge

Perhaps it is time for you to find a new challenge. Challenges are great provided you accept the possibility of failure. If there is no possibility of failure, you have not found a challenge at all; you have simply found a task. A challenge, successfully completed, will powerfully impact your self–esteem.

Your Image

Dress confident, look confident, walk tall, talk confident and you will gradually become confident. This is sometimes known as the ‘fake it till you make it’ approach, but it works very well. Find someone who you think is confident and ‘model’ (copy) them. Copy their behaviour, body language and dress code.

Celebrate Success

Make sure you celebrate every goal and every milestone because you deserve it. Reward yourself in some way every time you succeed in anything. If you fail occasionally, remember it doesn’t matter. Show me a person who hasn’t failed and I’ll show you a person who hasn’t tried. Your successes will far outweigh your failures and celebrating them will constantly remind you of this truth.

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