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It is only fairly recently that I have started  listening to Brian Tracy. Since I have read books and listened to recordings made by most of the top personal development coaches, it is surprising that it has taken me so long to get around to listening to his stuff. However, this is a guy I really like.

Today I watched his 1000% Formula video and I thought I would made a few notes on the technique. It is based on a solid principle – the process of continual improvement – and he asks a a simple but profound question right at the beginning. Could you increase your productivity by 1/10th of 1 percent in one day?

He goes on to provide the answer, “of course you could.” But he does not ask the second question, it is more inferred. Let me ask it to you directly: could you do that every day, for ten years? Could you, every single working day for a period of ten years without missing a single day, increase your productivity by just 1/10th of a percent?

Perhaps you might like to think about that for a while. the point of the question is that is exactly what Brian Tracy says he managed to do himself and the result of doing that is that he managed to make himself 1004% more productive in ten years. By doing exactly that, within 12 years, he managed to increase his income tax bill from  S14,400 to S1,440,000.

Here’s the 1000% Formula:

  • Get up 2 hours early –
  • Invest 1st hour (golden hour) reading something motivational/uplifting
  • Make a list – plan you day
  • Prioritise your list
  • Start at the beginning and work your way through
  • Listen to audio programs in your car – equivalent of getting a degree in your field
  • After every call (he teaches sales) ask two questions: what did I do right? and What would I do differently next time?
  • Treat everyone you meet like a Million Dollar Customer

A student of Brian said that he used this very formula and thereby managed to increase his income by 1000% within just seven years. You can watch the 1000% Formula video for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Brian Tracy’s 1000% Forumla

  1. Will Edwards Post author

    Hi Luis

    Thanks you very much for your kind words – much appreciated.

    Will 🙂

  2. Luis Gaviria

    Dear Will,
    Thank you so much for the quality and the quantity of top materials you provide us with. I am the director of a coaching training school, and believe me, been there, done that. You bring a fresh and generous feeling to all of us committed to make this a better world. More than many who call themselves gurus and experts. You do this with a simple, non assuming, clean heart attitude, and I appreciate that.
    Blessings and best regards Will, keep up with a wonderful job.
    Luis Gaviria

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