Why People Will Never Be Happy

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Why People Will Never Be Happy

Why The Majority Of People Will NEVER Be Happy And The One Thing You MUST Know To Lead A Fulfilling Life

by Arina Nikitina

What is the one thing in common between all the people on the planet? We all have different religions, live in different parts of the world, like different things, have different educations, but we all want to be happy. No exceptions. There is not one person born in this world, who would stand up and declare “I want to feel miserable. I want to feel sorrow and pain. I want to be lonely and hated by others. I can’t stand the idea of being happy.”

All of our lives we spend searching for happiness and fulfilment. We all work hard and try to succeed, fail and try again. Now tell me how many people do you know, who are truly enjoying their life? Not that many? Why is it that we all try so hard, but so many of us fail?

The Main Reason Why 95% Of People Are Feeling Unhappy

I often hear people say “I’ll be happy when I get that promotion”, “I’ll be happy as soon as I get married”, “If I can only pay my credit card debts I’ll be happy”. What happens in reality is that we postpone our happiness for an uncertain period of time.

We truly believe that while we comfortably sit at home, watch TV and eat popcorn someone or something is going to come along, knock on our door and say “Hey, are you Mr. Watkins? Here, I made your boss give you a raise. Oh, and by the way, you won’t have to work any longer! Just stop by once a month and pick up your pay check.” Or “Hello Miss Smith, I happened to run into a Prince Charming on my way here, and he is dying to marry you”.

Sounds rather unrealistic, but a lot of us still wait for some miracle to fall on our head and make us happy. And until this happens we refuse to be happy.

Dear friend, the truth is if you aren’t happy now you most likely will NEVER be, no matter what happens. “But I don’t have a million dollars and/or a good spouse yet!!!” you will probably snort in indignation.

Believe me, even if you would posses all these things, you still wouldn’t be happy. You would enjoy it for a day or two; you would have a temporary sense of fulfilment. Remember when you were a little kid you were so happy to get a new toy for Christmas! Then you played with it for a week or so but after a while you got bored with it and wanted another toy. We are adults now, but it seems like we never learn. Material objects do not contain an iota of happiness (well maybe just an iota, but it’s still not enough to make a long time change :)).

Sure we all want better things for ourselves, we are selfish human beings after all and this is perfectly normal. We should never stop trying to improve our lives and our relationships. Wanting is natural in life, but the idea that we can’t be happy unless we satisfy a certain desire is not! We should not depend on certain circumstances and material possessions to be happy.

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