Make Believe

As children we had the most amazing ability to make believe. We could occupy ourselves for hours on end with imaginative places, people and situations. We could be whoever we wanted to be, wherever we wanted and at any time we chose. It was a truly amazing thing. We believed in Santa and the Easter Bunny and that if a tooth fell out a fairy would slip money under our pillow and pay us for it. These beliefs were handed to us not only by our parents, but by all those who saw the wonder in our eyes.

And then we grew up.

We then believed that Santa wasn’t real and that christmas was just a time to be stressed out trying to buy presents which we could not afford and that the Easter Bunny was a marketing strategy from the chocolate makers to reap huge amounts of money from already broke parents. Year by year our belief in the wondrous disappeared until the only thing we believed in was death and taxes. And do you know what. It was the same people that had us believe in the magic that now made us believe that life was not really like that. Reality is hard work and there is no such thing as dreams that come true. We are such hypocrites.

As we make it into adulthood it is very easy to see why the majority of people do not try to attain their dreams. Do not take chances and go for a better life. We believe we can’t. We have been conditioned to believe that only the lucky or those born into wealth can ever be rich and happy and have everything they want. You have a job, a mortgage, a spouse, 3 kids and car repayments. Don’t be such and idiot and throw all that away on a dream of being a singer or an actor or starting a business. Reality is hard, it’s the way it’s always been. Just be happy with you’ve got.

Does all that sound familiar? The trouble is, it’s not only our peers, our parents and the media which bombard us with these “Truths”. The majority of the time, it’s us. Due to our conditioning, we ourselves are the main reason that we accept the status quo and resign ourselves to a life of mediocrity. Isn’t it time you changed your thinking a little?

How many children do you see playing make believe, with a mortgage, a nagging partner and a bank account that empties quicker than it fills. How many children do you see pretending to live a life of struggle or working in a job where they come home and collapse on the couch, exhausted from another 13 hour day. How many children do you see explaining to their dolls and action figures that if you don’t grow up and stop believing in fairy tales and start making a living, you will not amount to anything. I don’t imagine there are many.

We spent years believing we could do anything, be anyone and have anything we wanted. Maybe we should start a little of that today. One of the greatest struggles that people have with the Law of Attraction, is to believe they already have the thing they desire. Maybe you’re looking at it the wrong way. Don’t believe you have it, Make Believe you have it. Let your imagination run wild. If you do this regularly, you begin to see the ways in which you can perform the appropriate action to acquire that which you desire. It’s very difficult to believe in something you can not see, but it’s a whole other thing to Make Believe. Ask any child.

I’m John Jenkins …

And I wish you every success.

Finding Your Talent

So, you’re determined this year to hit the mark; make that goal; turn that resolution into reality! And then you remember all the reasons why you didn’t do it years ago. It mostly had to do with something you thought you couldn’t overcome … an innate “weakness” of sorts; something you were “just born with (or without). How can I possibly achieve that goal if I simply don’t have the talent, the gift, or the strength? And yet some of us don’t even know where to look for our own talents. We are unconscious of them, having lived so long thinking – believing – that we are just a certain way.

Perhaps you’d love to teach a class but being shy you can’t imagine standing up in front of strangers or worse yet, people you know to demonstrate a skill. Yet, this shyness makes you empathetic to certain small children or those who are uncomfortable in front of an audience. You could actually teach how to get past the shyness!

Perhaps you avoid conflict at all costs and yet this trait would be a great balance to being on a committee for your town improvements. You would be the sound of reason.

Perhaps you’re stubborn and quick to anger-though this makes you an excellent defender of others. Pick a trait you struggle with, or one you see as a weakness or fault, and find the gift in it. And then pledge to yourself what you will do with it this year.

We teach what we most need to learn! This actually made me laugh, because I know, that my greatest weaknesses are also the key to my greatest strengths.

I have a vivid imagination, which lets me think outside the box, at the same time, I can drift off sometimes. I choose to use it every day, to propel me toward what I want, looking for new ways to achieve, and learned that it is okay, at times to let it go and just spend a few moments adrift.

Another weakness is that I am very emotional. On the other hand I use that characteristic to listen more deeply to people and find what is really under what they’re saying. It has helped me be a better life coach and Certified Anger Management Specialist II. I think by being emotional, and sensitive, I can understand people better.

Sometimes my long fuse which would normally be looked at as an asset can be my demise because I put up with certain behaviors from others too long thinking “they’re going to understand it sooner or later,” when if I stopped and explained to them what is bothering me it would save both of us time and excessive energy. I choose, however, to look at it as a part of my tenacious nature which also manifests in unwavering dedication. But, yes, I can sometimes pursue a goal long after I should have let it pass.

Then there’s the “problem” with my brain! I can be fairly organized but it’s as if my brain doesn’t keep all of its data. I’ll file something away, organize my office or car and then think … “where on earth did I put the flyers I need for this week?” My brain is saying “Well, it’s done, so no need to remember it.” On the other hand that can be a good thing because I don’t get hung up on minutiae.

This article is to frame a perceived weakness as a strength. When you look at what you think is a weakness, also look to its opposite to see where it could be utilized. We have to re-think our way out of the self-contained box.

Because we have been programmed to believe something about ourselves does not necessarily make it true (whether that’s a good thing or not). We need to remind ourselves of how many of our thoughts have become unconscious beliefs and whole belief systems about who we are or rather think we are!

It reminds me of my need to WAKE UP. It reminds me of the need to love and accept myself, regardless of how ditzy I can be. (They don’t call me Lin-duh for nothing!) It’s a reminder that a person can just do the best they can do, and that in the long run not very much is as important as we thought it was.

I once knew a fellow life coach who bought herself an emerald ring. This ring had a real significance to it. It was flawed. She purposely bought it to remind herself of the fact that some of her flaws just might turn out to be some of her greatest assets.

When you start making those promises to yourself, or wondering what you did with those resolutions regarding what you’re going to change about yourself … may I make a suggestion that you reconsider those “flaws” and see how valuable they really can be? You just might be doing yourself and the world a favor.

Article by Linda D McCarrin

Wondering what your next step is? Transitions can be challenging or adventuresome, depending on your point of view. I know … I’ve been there. Let’s start with what you value, investigate your talents and your propensity toward them. Visit my website at or email me at to discuss moving forward in your career … your relationships … your life.


How to Create Positive Change in Your Life

Is there an area of your life that you would like to change? You’ve tried making changes and had some progress but somehow ended up back where you started or even further behind?

Maybe you want to take some dance lessons, you want to lose weight, you want to have healthier relationships, you want to control your temper, you want to feel empowered, you want a better job, or more money. Often, I’ve found myself struggling when visiting that subject (Money). That seems to be quite the popular one!

A great leader once told me “Chantal you need to stop focusing on lack of and focus on abundance” I didn’t realize until recently how profound that statement was. From that I was able to create my own formula for success.

Today, I’m sharing this with the world as many of my clients have found this formula to be extremely effective for them as well. My Goal, my passion, and my desire here is to help you create positive changes in your life – one step at a time.

For any change to be an effective one, you must see the change as being a necessity. If the change is a “just because”, and there is no real motivation, it won’t be sustainable because anything “just because” is also “OK not to have”. The stronger your passion and desire for the change, the stronger your motivation becomes. And the result: Effective lasting change.

Step 1: Ask yourself: “What is something I WANT to change in my life right now”? Write down the answer to this question somewhere. You’ll need it for later.

Thoughts are the core of all behavior. Before you can change your actions, you must change your thoughts. To make a change really means challenging your current perception. It is impossible to keep all the same perceptions and still expect to change.

Step 2: Look at the answer you just wrote down to the question above. What perceptions are you holding onto that are preventing you from making a change? Challenge those perceptions. Explore the possibility of those perceptions being false. Understand that what worked before to get you where you are probably won’t work to get you where you ultimately want to go.

Once your past perceptions have been challenged, think about what actions you can take right now that will help you see new possibilities. What actions are now possible that weren’t possible before?

Step 3: List as many actions as you can to make changes now and prioritize the list to choose one action at a time that would make a positive impact in your life and start the process of creating effective change.

Now, all that is left to do is take action and then repeat it until it becomes a habit.

Don’t give up! Think of things that can help you shift your perceptions, e.g. creating a vision board, reading up on the changes you want to make, talking to people you wouldn’t normally talk to, getting out of your comfort zone.

The power to create all things is already inside of you. Just Power it up … change it up!

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

Article by Chantal Smith

Chantal Smith, Womens Empowerment Coach, Life Coach and founder of Theta Morphosis Life Coaching can help you expand your mind beyond its current limits so that you can reprogram the negative beliefs that hold you back from achieving your goals. By following the steps on a transformative path, you will feel more confident, make better decisions, live a healthier life and enjoy the freedom to achieve your fullest potential.

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