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Friday, March 13, 2009

There is no such thing as Time Management - it is a complete misnomer! You simply cannot manage time. Systems that claim to give you extra hours in the day are just methods of self-delusion. High-performing individuals get 24 hours in their days; and so too do low-performing people. So forget the whole idea of Time Management; what you really need is Self Management; and, in this article, we will consider what that means.

Many people don't have a destination in mind. In other words, they don't have goals, they don't have a vision and they don't have a personal mission. When you see the demands made upon your time in terms of what is important to your mission, your life will take-on a different dimension. This means, of course, actually having a mission. Perhaps it is easier said than done, but take your time to do all the self-examination necessary to answer the following question for yourself: what is my life about?

What's important is what you define it to be! That is the reason for having your mission so clear in your own mind. Once you have it defined, you can consider the demands made upon your time in relation to whether or not they contribute to its fulfilment. Remember that just saying no is a really great tool for getting more done: say no when people try to pull you off-course; say no when tasks that confront you are the responsibility of others; say no to yourself when you want to indulge in procrastination. This is not being negative; it is actually being positive. Your goal is to reclaim time that would otherwise be squandered - in order to spend it on those things that are really important.

Do what you love; and love what you do! This is not some simplistic notion: if you don't love what you are doing, you are not doing the right things with your life. If that is the case, go back to step 1 - above - i.e. get clear about your goals, mission and vision. Once you have clarity on these things and you are executing what is important in relation to them, you should be loving what you do. You will really begin to enjoy your life, living it in the way life is truly meant to be lived.

The fulfilment of your dreams is the natural consequence of pursuing this course of action because your dreams should be encapsulated within your vision; and this simple prescription will lead to their fulfilment. The first three steps require action; the final step is really the reward. So, to summarise ...

S - See Your Destination
E - Execute What's Important
L - Love What You Do
F - Fulfil Your Dreams

You now have the magic formula for managing - not time - but self. Use it wisely for contained within these simple words is the power to transform your life. You don't need to know any more about Time Management - Self Management is what really counts.

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