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Friday, November 14, 2008

"How this man has not been struck by lightning, I will
never know." - Justin Peters

Following my recent posts about Benny Hinn concerning his appeal to raise money on God TV, I am really grateful to have received a response from a reader who suggested I should take a look at the following video ...

Justin Peters runs a seminar presentation on the subject of A Call for Discernment in which he names Benny Hinn as a false prophet; and also makes the above statement about his good fortune in escaping divine retribution. The video is well-worth watching. I believe it contains a message that the Christian community, the world-over, really needs to hear right now.

I would also love to hear your view on the subject. So do, please, feel free to post your comment either way. What are your thoughts: is Benny Hinn a false prophet, as some people claim, or do you think he is simply a Christian Minister who is much misunderstood?

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