Binaural Beats: Download

It was during a meditation course I took a number of years ago that I first came across the idea of Binaural Beats. The person taking the class introduced the idea that helpful and useful brain states could actually be induced simply by listening to music.

It was something that instantly appealed to me because, ever since learning about the Mozart Effect, I had always thought that the music we choose to listen to must have an effect on our mind. But Binaural Beats take the idea forward into a whole different league.

Firstly let’s discuss the four brain states a little:

Beta – 13-40 HZ – Wide Awake

Firstly, we have the beta state which is the state of mind we find during normal, consciousness.

Alpha – 7-12 HZ – Wakeful Relaxation

This is the state of mind that occurs when we are very relaxed. It naturally occurs just before sleeping and also upon awakening. Often, self improvement suggests coupling visualisation with this brain state.

Theta – 4-7 HZ – Deep Relaxation

This state is never normally reached during wakefulness except through disciplines such as meditation. The theta rythm may be associated with memory consolidation and healing.

Delta – 0.1-4 HZ – Deep Sleep

This is the brain state we find during deep sleep.

There have been many references to the usefulness of reaching the alpha/theta state in self-help literature. Many of the classics suggest performing visualisation exercises just before retiring and also upon waking. This is exactly what Napoleon Hill suggests in his Laws of Success, for example.

It is also reported that Thomas Edison, the renowned inventor, trained himself to be able to reach this state during wakefulness because he found that was how he got his best ideas. He trained himself by relaxing in his armchair in front of a nice warm fire. He apparently held a large object whilst he was relaxing. If he fell asleep, the object dropped on the floor causing him to wake up. He did this repeatedly until he could hold that mental state.

Of course, meditation is another way of training your mind to reach these deep states of relaxation. When I did my own class, I was constantly falling asleep during the sessions – that’s how relaxed I was getting. See the brain normally does not stay in alpha/theta for long. That’s the difficulty for anyone who wants to try programming their mind using visualisation.

Now Binaural Beats is an excellent solution because by using this specially prepared music, you can get yourself into this state of mind very easily. The way they work requires you to listen to them using headphones. Music is fed to each ear at slightly different frequencies and it has been found to influence the brain to align itself with the difference between the frequencies.

So, if you would like to try this for yourself, get our Binaural Beats download here.

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