Big Pond Progress Report #2

So, with the month of August past and autumn approaching (scary eh?), I though it was about time to take another look at my results. During July, there was a major update of WordPress that involved me getting my version of PHP updated and that meant that my ISP had to upgrade my CPanel.

The above means that my traffic stats for the month of July are inaccurate. That said, the revenue stats are all correct since they are independent of Webalizer.

In the graphic below, I have included all my revenue streams, so this gives you a very good picture of how we are doing at present. As I said in my previous Big Pond Report, I am focusing my analysis on Adsense revenue because it is less prone to monthly fluctuations and gives a much better indication of my actual growth.

Results Apr-Aug-2011

Figures below are for last month (August 2011), taken from my Webalizer stats:

  • Total Hits: 3,147,973
  • Total Visits: 140,890
  • Adsense: £623.59 ($1,010.77)

Figures below are for June 2011:

  • Total Hits: 2,865,684
  • Total Visits: 126,458
  • Adsense: £328.54 ($527.83)

Figures below are for May 2011:

  • Total Hits: 2,804,022
  • Total Visits: 124,475
  • Adsense: £267.20 ($429.28)

You can see there was a big jump in Adsense revenue in July and this was almost sustained during August. The spike in June was caused by a promotion we were running, so in terms of analysing growth, that month can be ignored.

What the overall picture shows is that my focus on Adsense, over the past few months, has really begun to pay off and I now see it as probably taking over from my ClickBank income as my major revenue stream in the future.

For anyone starting out, I hope these results will provide you with a little encouragement. With so much hype floating about the internet showing ridiculous numbers, I hope you will find it refreshing to have some real stats to look at. Just knowing that success online is achievable may be enough to give you a that bit of encouragement we all need at the beginning.

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