Bath Salts and Zombies

Zombies are apparently alive and well in the USA at the moment. Can you believe that there was a man in Miami (Rudy Eugene) who, whilst tripping on a substance known as ‘bath salts’ was found eating the face of homeless person Ronald Poppo? Yes, before you read any further, I feel that this article needs to carry a health warning, so here it is: beware, reading further might seriously damage your faith in human nature.

The gruesome attack almost entirely stripped the skin from the victim’s head, and his nose and left eye were also missing. However, according to the Huffington Post, 65-year-old Poppo is now in a stable condition in the intensive care unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital and is expected to fully recover.

The whole incident, which took place at the side of a Florida freeway, was captured on security cameras as the man devoured about 80% of the man’s face before being shot dead by police. The American media has immediately latched on to the zombie angle; the horror that has previously only been the subject of movies and video games now has now become reality.

According to The Denver Post, Alpha-PVP is one of a number of synthetic compounds that are commonly known ‘bath salts’. They are said to mimic the effects of potent stimulants such as cocaine. The following comment on Reddit is from someone who has actually tried this substance:

My friend and I had the misfortune of actually trying bath salts way back when they first hit the market, so nobody really knew about them yet. The lady at the head shop told my buddy that the effects are similar to cocaine and you’ll come up clean on a piss test. So he buys it and hits me up and asks if I want to try it with him, we were about to go to the gym so I figured, if it’s anything like coke then it’ll only last a short amount of time.

So we did some. A very small amount, I’d say about a scoop of a key’s worth. Felt like coke at first, but then wouldn’t go away and it intensified and was just too much. My friend had done meth in the past and told me the next day that the feeling was like meth but with a gross twist.

People have killed themselves … my friend shot himself over the summer while on bath salts. I’ve heard it makes you depressed, and I can somewhat vouch for that. While I was on it, I wasn’t necessarily depressed, but I really wanted it to end fast and had some crazy thoughts running through my head.

Whilst I am no expert on the matter, it is apparently quite common to mix the drug with other substances such as rat poison. Surely, even a complete moron would understand that does not sound like a good idea. Doesn’t it make you wonder about what is wrong with our society that people should be so in need of stimulation that they resort to trying this stuff?

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  1. Mary Ramsay

    To tell you the truth, this story doesn’t surprise me. I think so many people already behave like zombies, night after night, glued to one brain-deadening TV program after another, behaving and talking like the characters, with seemingly no thoughts or words of their own. Are those not typical characteristics of the ZOMBIE?

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