Attraction: Is Your Life Falling Apart?

Sometimes when you begin using the law of attraction, difficult situations arise. Things take a downturn and out of nowhere there are obstacles all around that you never counted on. You might wonder: why is this happening? Wasn’t I working with the law, wasn’t I thinking positively and working with desire and expectation? The truth is, you may very well be on your way to establishing your desires even if everything is falling apart around you.

What do you really want?

The things that are falling apart around you may actually need to fall apart. Your relationship suddenly breaks up; there are problems with your kids or at work; your car breaks down. All those things look like maybe you are, instead of attracting positive into your life, attracting negatives. But those things may be serving purposes that you can’t actually see or understand.

This actually serves two purposes. On the one hand, sometimes to get to where you want to be, you need to get rid of some things that aren’t working. The relationship you want may not be able to exist in the current situation, so your partner moves out. You can’t become the person you want to be at the same dead end job, so you suddenly get fired. You need to spend more time studying or working toward your goals, so your car breaks down and you can’t get out to do your usual activities.

These obstacles are a blessing in many ways. They teach you to overcome in the face of opposition. The universe gives you what you are asking for in ways you may not understand. When things come up, that seem to be out of step with your desires and expectations, the only thing to do is continue toward your goal. Giving up is never an option.

Keep going

The only thing that is a real failure is giving in to the obstacles that are sure to pop up from time to time. If as soon as something gets in your way, you give in, you will not be able to reap the rewards of continued effort. Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, told a story of a man who bought a gold mine on borrowed money.

He hit a vein of gold and dug it all out. Soon the gold dried up, the man was dejected, so he sold all his equipment and went back east. The man he sold everything to brought in an expert who predicted that the gold would again be found just a few feet from where the first man had stopped digging. Lo and behold, once they began digging again, the gold was just three feet away and produced millions of dollars. The first man never forgot his mistake and spent the rest of his life telling himself: “Don’t give up three feet from gold.”

No matter how bad things seem at the moment, just keep going. The negative situations should clear up as your old life patterns dissolve into the new patters you are consciously making. Once the patterns resolve themselves through continued effort and study, positive results are not far behind. A period of falling apart may be exactly what you need to find your way to what it is that you really want.

Article by  Annabelle Fogerty

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