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The book As a Man Thinketh by James Allen is a classic of the self development genre and today, I’d like to give you an opportunity to get the professionally recorded audio version absolutely free. This is the full unabridged version that consists of 50 minutes of classic motivational audio.

James Allen was one of the authors said to have influenced the book and the movie The Secret.  It seems that he did not foresee how popular this book would eventually become. Born in Leicester (UK) in November 28, 1864, he wrote nineteen books in total with As a Man Thinketh, being published second and it was his wife Lily who eventually persuaded him that was good enough to publish.

Since then, many people have regarded this little book to be one of the most influential works of New Thought and it certainly remains one of the best loved.

“I have personally read As a Man Thinketh over twenty-five times. Timeless material.” – Mark Victor Hansen

“I read As a Man Thinketh once a year for over 15 years when I was in my twenties and thirties.” – Paul J. Meyer

“There is one little book that impacted my life dramatically … the book is As a Man Thinketh” – Denis Waitley

“I can still remember the excitement I felt as the words from this little volume worked deep into the fabric of my injured spirit.”- Vic Johnson

As a Man Thinketh is one of the books I sometimes enjoy listening to myself, in the car, on the way to my workshop events.

Perhaps I should also say a word or two about the title. The title is actually taken from a verse in the book of of Proverbs:

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he – Proverbs 23:7

When James Allen wrote the book, the word ‘man’ was commonly used as a kind of shorthand. The meaning of the word man in the title is mankind. In these more politically sensitive times, perhaps the word humankind would be even better. So, as odd as this may sound, his use of the word does not therefore exclude women. Actually this is something I wrote about here.

The book is now in the public domain which, with the advent of the internet, has caused it to proliferate. Indeed, we have always offered a free download of the ebook version in our free books section. Today however, we are offering the professionally recorded audio version of the book.

This method of providing free content is a new idea we are testing at the moment. If it works well, we will certainly be releasing more content this way. The concept is something like Tell a Friend. Essentially, we give you some great free content in return for you helping us to spread the word a little – so it’s a win-win proposal and I am all in favour of such ideas.

To access the free audio download of this classic book, first click the link immediately below the graphic  …

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The book is provided in both PDF and MP3 formats. You can play it on your iPod, on your computer. You can burn it to CD.

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  1. Thank you, Mr. Will Edwards and White Dove Books for sharing and caring about my personal development, my over all well being, prosperity and success, as well as those of all mankind. Thank you for sharing these tools and resources with me that I will need to full fill my life purpose. As well as with the world. I am very grateful for these materials and resources.
    Today is my first day with these materials I will keep you posted with my progress and success.

    Thanks again

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