Are You Planning on Winning the Cup?

Watching the draw for the 3rd Round of the FA Cup yesterday, I was struck by something that Serge Pizzorno said. This year’s draw was conducted at Wembley by the Kasabian guitarist and Noel Gallagher of Oasis fame.

Before the actual draw Serge had mentioned that the team he supports is Leicester City; and most people will already know that Noel Gallagher supports Manchester City. Quite amazingly, they both managed to draw their own teams at the same time, so Leicester City will play Manchester City in the 3rd Round of the cup this year.

Just a little aside here for my American friends: the FA Cup is a football (soccer) competition here in the UK. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement, the FA Cup is the football competition in the UK – probably something similar to the Superbowl except for the following: each side has only one team that plays for the whole game; the team consists entirely of kickers; the 4 minutes extra time at the end actually lasts 4 minutes, not 20.

However, back to what I was saying: Serge Pizzorno, in response to a question from Jim Rosenthal, said,

“… yes, the 3rd round of the FA Cup; it doesn’t get any better than this!”

Now. I don’t know what you are thinking but I was thinking something like this:

“What about the 4th Round, or the ¼ Finals, the Semis, or perhaps even winning the competition? Surely that would be better!”

Perhaps it is a consequence of supporting Leicester City that his expectations seem to be set at the level of the 3rd Round. Poor old Leicester City have not enjoyed much success in recent years; ever since the departure of Martin O’Neil I would say. By the way, I do have a soft spot for Leicester City and I hope they can get back to where they belong in the Premiership in the not too distant future.

So what has all of this got to do with personal development? Well, it also struck me that Serge had perhaps unwittingly provided us with an interesting metaphor because what we achieve is, to a very great extent, dependent upon our expectations. If we expect the best, then life has a habit of sending it to us – some people call this the Law of Attraction.

So the question is: are you settling for the 3rd Round – yes, this is the metaphor part – or are you planning on winning the cup? Whatever the trophy represents for you, think about it now and ask yourself earnestly if you are just giving it a good go or if you are determined to win the top prize.

And remember that life rewards those who can somehow manage to raise their expectations.

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