Affirmations: A Breakthrough

Regular readers will know that I am a big fan of using affirmations to effect personal change. Although I understand how and why they work, I still think it astonishing that something so simple can have such a dramatic effect.

It is nothing short of remarkable that by simply ‘saying’ a short sentence over and over in your mind you can produce positive change. But, as I always say to people who attend my workshops, don’t let the simplicity of the technique fool you into thinking that they cannot work for you.

Affirmations work at the level of your belief system and when you can change your beliefs about what is possible for you, interesting changes do indeed begin to happen. At my workshops, I often suggest to people that affirmations are a great way to become more confident. But the application of positive affirmations to personal development is not limited to simply improving confidence – as useful an outcome, in itself, as that may be.

You can use affirmations for many things including:

  • Becoming a More Positive Person
  • Improving Self Respect
  • Increasing Self Esteem
  • Increasing Self Confidence
  • Improving Your Attitude
  • And Many More Positive Changes

There is no question in my mind that positive affirmations work very well. You don’t even need to believe in them for them to work either; you just have to do them. I really cannot think of another technique that requires so little effort and produces such amazing results.

However, I wanted to report that, since I have been using the music of Laughing Bird in my affirmations, I have noticed quite a profound effect. I would say that the effectiveness of my affirmations have been increased by a factor of about ten. It is quite a claim, but that is how I feel about it. This is because the music gets you into exactly the right frame of mind to make those useful suggestions. As such, I believe this music represent something of a breakthrough in personal development.

The music works because it begins by dealing with your conscious mind and then, ever so gently, as the album progresses, gradually shifts emphasis, doing a very effective job of stilling the conscious mind; emptying it of conscious thought and preparing it to receive your helpful positive suggestions.

For more about the music of Laughing Bird see here.

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