About Will Edwards

Born in Liverpool, England, I went to school in Bootle; and a tough old school it was too. Some of the teachers were bordering on psycho, and my outstanding achievement of this period was surviving it. I was a member of the 25th B.B. (Boys Brigade) which was associated with St Leonard’s Church and I remember everyone connected with the church with great affection.

When I got to the age of twenty, I thought I might be a pop-star. It seems that everyone’s doing it now; I must have been ahead of my time. So I became a Bluecoat at Pontins for a summer season. It was all great fun – just playing and getting thin on the bad food. Generally, food at Pontins is okay, but the food we had to eat in the staff dining room, was absolutely awful.

One day, I was listening to a self-help audio and I remember hearing the words, “how can you achieve a goal you have not even set?” Those words found real resonance with me and I took myself off to Clevedon, where I sat at the end of the pier with a flask of soup, a notebook – the old-fashioned paper kind – and pen. I was there for about three or four hours asking myself those deep questions about life and what was most important to me. At the end of the session, I had quantified four really big goals.

Soon after that event, I changed my career (achieving one of those goals) and I have been working with, as well as writing and teaching the subject of personal development ever since. I believe that everyone is here, on the planet, for a reason, that life holds a specific purpose for each individual and the most important thing you can do is to discover it and find the courage to live it. (less)