A New Idea: Guest Posting


In case you are new to the idea of guest blogging, let me just outline what it is and how it can benefit you. Quite simply, the basic idea is that you contribute an article to a blog or another website within your niche in return for the exposure that such distribution can bring to your online projects and activities.

It is a win-win idea because everybody wins by the arrangement if it is done well. Firstly the hosting blog wins because it gets unique, quality content, secondly, the readers win because they get an opportunity to access the wider perspective provided by alternative experts within their field of interest. Thirdly, the contributor wins because he/she gets their article in front of a targeted and interested audience.

Guidelines for Guest Bloggers

Guest Post submissions often fall short of the quality required by professional bloggers. They are often poor quality articles churned out solely for the purpose of generating backlinks for the contributors site. We do not want that kind of article.

We only accept articles on subjects related to the main themes of our site. We are looking for posts that are truly inspirational. Your article should be of a reasonable length; around 1000 words is ideal.

  • Your submission must be an original work written by you. Please note that we do not accept articles that have been published elsewhere on the web.
  • Please ensure your submission is grammatically correct, properly punctuated and free from spelling errors.
  • Your article must be interesting. We are not looking for content just for the sake of it; we want well-written, good quality content that entertains, informs and delights our readers.
  • You retain the full copyright to your article. You will be fully credited as the author of your piece should it be published.
  • By submitting your article, you grant White Dove Books the full rights to distribute and print the article, by any means at its disposal.
  • You may include an author bio/resource box (5 lines max) and may include up to 2 relevant links in total, anywhere within the article and/or resource box.
  • Please note that affiliate links are not acceptable.
  • We do not accept articles which are blatant attempts at marketing.

If your article is rejected, it does not imply criticism of any kind; it would simply mean we do not deem it suitable for our site. Our decision is final and we will not enter into correspondence on this matter. If you ensure your article meets our guidelines (above), this should not happen.

If you think you can meet our standards for publication, please submit a proposal for your article. If your proposal looks interesting, I will contact you personally and let you know how to submit your article.

If your article is accepted, it will be published at this blog, generally within 24 hours of submission. However, that’s not all we will do for you; here are 6 Good Reasons you should consider writing for us.

Thanks and good luck.


Will 🙂

4 thoughts on “A New Idea: Guest Posting

  1. Polly Roopnarine

    Hello Will,

    This is exciting. Thanks for caring. This is a good way to encourage everyone to get their story out. I am thinking of getting mine out, but it so emotional.


  2. Liz Tucker

    Hi Will

    I’m a new subscriber so don’t have a great deal to contribute at present, but I would like to say what a lovely idea to offer ‘guest posting’. Good on you

    Best wishes

  3. Jon

    I like you will, “You get it ” most people go through life looking for what you know and understand. You most know a few people that help you or support you. I find it hard to get any positive feed back from family members. I personally know that it takes work. so I do not give up I keep on plugging away at the meaning of life. I just want to say thanks for helping me see that.

  4. Lloyd

    Hi Will,

    Love your site! I have been reading you now and then and appreciate the info and tools you generously make available for free. Well worth the time!


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