A Guest Post by Me – What???

As you probably know, we accept guest posts here at White Dove Books and I am constantly amazed at how few people make the effort to submit them. Sure we have quite strict requirements, but the benefits of submitting are well worth the effort for anyone serious about penetrating the personal development market.

As a general rule, the more popular the blog, the more stringent the requirements are likely to be. As a quick example, take a look at this site. They are the most stringent requirements I have ever seen. But, if you take the time to research what that blog is capable of doing for you (if you are in the finance niche) you would do very well to get a guest post published there. I would be very happy to write a guest post for Ramit if I were operating in the same niche.

Of the people who do submit articles here, I would say we probably reject about 50% of them because they are badly written, they are not original or they are just plain boring. We do want guest articles, but we do not want pieces that are not up to the standard our subscribers have come to expect from us.

Guest blogging is a tactic I am presently using to create backlinks and generate traffic to my new site – a live case study in making money online. It is a site that I set-up to show people how to get a blog all the way from square one and into profit. The idea is that I will be documenting each step and reporting the results as I go along.

In setting myself this challenge, I made the rule that I would not use any method that would not be available to others. For that reason, I hesitated about making this post. But, as I said, we do accept guest posts and so in making this post, I am not taking advantage of any facility that is not also available to others.

If you are looking to grow traffic to your site, I strongly suggest you consider guest posting. By all means submit a post for this blog. As long as you have read the guidelines and you are confident that your post meets the required standard, it would be a pleasure to publish it for you.

2 thoughts on “A Guest Post by Me – What???

  1. Will Edwards Post author

    My requirements are not that stringent: original article, reasonable length, grammatically correct and related to our themes. The fact is, you will not be able to post on any quality blog unless you can meet them.

    Will 🙂

  2. Delton

    Will, I understand why you have such strict guidelines for guest posts but there are a lot of us that haven’t reached the plateau you require. That doesn’t mean we are ignorant and don’t know how to write an article. You want to sell to us but you are not willing to help us get started. I’m not sure your blogs would create that much traffic to be much of a benefit to us since I don’t see very many comments.

    Just felt like venting a little and you happen to be in position for me to let off a little steam. You can delete this if you wish and it won’t bother me.


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