April Fool

This morning was the first time I can ever recall realising that it was April 1st before my wife had twigged. Actually, she was still asleep when I decided to login to my PC to see what had come in overnight. I was just about to make a blog post when I saw the date. Righty ho, I thought to myself, what little joke can I play on my wife?

As I walked back to the bedroom, I realised that she was awake and in a tired voice she issued a groggy greeting. All I could think of was to say, “flippin ‘eck, it’s 8 o’clock already”. She jumped up, looked at the clock and announced the real time: it was still only six. Well, it wasn’t the greatest April fool joke, but at least it did get a reaction.

Back to the PC I went, to discover that the guys over at Google had obviously had a bit more thinking time. It’s something they do every year and they do put a bit of time and effort into it too. Here’s one of their guys talking about Gmail Motion …

I wonder how many people thought ‘hey, just what I was waiting for’ and clicked on that ‘Try Gmail Motion’ button. Well, I have to admit, I clicked that button too, but just to see what it does 😉

The origin of All Fool’s Day is uncertain but, despite proposals that it arose because of the reworking of the Gregorian calendar, it seems that Chaucer refers to it in The Canterbury Tales (1392) so it is a pretty old custom and it seems it is one that many wish to continue. I Googled ‘April Fool’ to discover that people are posting April Fool pranks and jokes all over the web today.

There are a ton of videos on You Tube for example. Actually, this one was done last year, but it’s one that I really liked …

Yet again I missed the boat. At least in the UK, April Fool’s pranks are only valid until noon, after which, the joke is on you if you play a trick. So I am sitting here, right now, wondering what I might do next year on my blog. Perhaps you are wondering what pranks you could play on your site too, so here are some thoughts for April Fool’s pranks that should not be too difficult to set up:

• Fake Personality Assessment – Iit tells you that your a Psycho
• Fake Quiz – You answer all the questions right and it says you’re a dunce
• Fake Eyesight Test – Wobbling text that says you needs glasses

Of course, you’d have to have the old ‘April Fool’ message pop up somewhere so that people realised it was all in good fun. Actually, when you come to think about these things, they are not difficult to come up with; they just need a bit of time and planning.

So who knows, next year, perhaps I will be a bit better prepared. Actually, that would not be very difficult at all.

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