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Guest Blogging is something I do as way of promoting my site and in this post, I thought I would make a list of high quality blogs in the personal development niche, that also accept guest posts.

Well, I have spent a good few hours looking for top-quality blogs in the genre, but could only find five that actually matched my search criteria: the blogs needed to be high quality (at least Google Pagerank 5), they needed to be in the personal development niche and they had to accept guest posts.

Guest blogging is something that we recently introduced here at the Inspiration Blog and we are one of the five sites on the list because we meet the criteria. So, if you are looking for some great places to submit articles for quality backlinks, here is my final shortlist:

The Inspiration Blog
PR5; personal development, self growth and motivation.
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Pick The Brain
PR6;  Self improvement focused on personal productivity, motivation & education
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Simple Productivity Blog
PR 5; Ideas for productivity, simplicity, balance and life design.
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Life Optimizer
PR 5; Life Optimizer focuses on personal growth and effectiveness.
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Productive Flourishing
PR 5; Strategies for thriving in life and business.
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The idea is simple and it is the kind of idea I like i.e. it is a win-win idea. Anyone who’s article is accepted at the Inspiration Blog (here) benefits in the following ways:

  • They Get a High Quality Do Follow PR5 Link
  • Their Post Automatically Gets Tweeted in our Tweet-Stream
  • Their Post Appears on Our Facebook Fanpage
  • Their Post Appears in our Newsletter

The above benefits are exactly what you need to improve your own site rankings within Google and also to attract traffic to your site. In return, we get some original, good quality content and that also benefits our readers who gain from having a wider perspective on our central themes.

In order to make this list, each site has to have a Google Pagerank of 5 or above, so each of the above blogs are absolutely excellent resources for connecting with the right audience and building relationships with bloggers specialising in the field.

If you have a blog, related to personal development, that is at least PR5 and you allow Guest Posting, please post a coment below and I will happily add your site to this list.

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