5 Rules for Wealth

Let’s discuss wealth and how to become prosperous for a moment. Let’s be clear what I am talking about before you try to answer the question below. Supposing, within your present career, you finally got to the top and became the very best at what you currently do. How much could you possibly earn if everything went really well for you?

For example, if you were a Lorry-Driver, what does the very best Lorry-Driver earn; if you are a Baker, what does the absolute top Baker earn; if you are a Teacher, what do the very best Teachers earn etc? Try to put a monetary value on the salary you would be earning, in your current career before you read any further – if you were to become the very best at it. OK. I hope you were able to come up with a figure.

Now, if you have a job or career and you did the estimate, you should be able to see why you will never become rich doing what you currently do. The plain facts are that even if you became the very best at it, you would simply be paid the market rate for what you do. Society, for the most-part – is simply not organised in such a way as to reward you to the level of achieving riches within a salaried profession or job. Sure, you can become very well-off, but you won’t become rich.

And that’s why – if you are serious about becoming wealthy – you really need to start your own business because there is absolutely no top-level limit to which your earnings will rise and then stop – as there is within a salaried occupation. Now, the internet has made this very possible for many people because of the very low start-up and operational costs, so I hope you will think about this idea seriously. We have a nice little book on the subject right here (free, of course) …

5 Rules for Wealth

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