5 Brain Entrainment Tips for Meditation

Just in case the title caught your attention but you have never heard of brain entrainment or brain wave entrainment before today, here’s the skinny …

Brain entrainment is any method that causes brainwave frequencies to sync with an external input source that has the same frequency as the intended brain-state desired. In simplest terms; listening to delta waves to fall into the delta brain wave state, which is basically sleep.

Today, the big trend has been towards binaural beats. This brings us to the main focus of the article … 5 brain entrainment tips that everyone who meditates needs to know.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are caused when the brain hears a different tone in each ear. If the tones are relatively close in pitch, the brain creates an imaginary beat out of the two creating a single beating tone inside the head. Recent studies on audio entrainment have shown that the idea of frequency following response depends on the beat being outside the head as is found with Isochronic Tones and Monaural beats.

You can benefit from the “disassociation effect” by concentrating on the beat you hear in your head to help attain a meditative state quicker. The same way as when you pay attention to your breath and count the inhalations and exhalations. However there is not the same “automatic response” of brain entrainment as with Isochronic pulses, or tones, as they are sometimes called.

I should mention that visual entrainment also exists but I have not researched that area and don’t work in it. I will pass on that topic in favour of someone with more experience. Bur you could take a look at a documentary on Netflix right now called “Flicker” to learn about that modality if interested.

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Headphones are Not Necessary

This belief gained massive exposure because of the popularity of binaural beats. It is true that in order to hear binaural beats, using headphones gives each ear the separate tone to be mixed inside the head without having to position speakers or find the perfect sitting position. With Monaural beats and Isochronic Tones headphones are not needed because the pulse or beat is caused by the rapid on and off of the tone outside the head.

Use the Brain Wave Entrainment Method You Enjoy

I say this because most brain wave entrainment methods try to bring you into Alpha, Theta or Delta states. These are all relaxed states with different levels of alertness. The point being that if the entrainment sound or method you are using is not pleasant to you, then you will not relax. You’ll simply be irritated.

One thing I noticed from creating music and getting listener feedback is that there is never any guarantee that the music will have a certain effect on everyone that listens to it. You could have a track of purring kittens over soothing waves to help people feel calm and peaceful and someone will feel tense because they hate cats.

Have you ever listened to solfeggio frequencies or binaural beats and didn’t enjoy the experience? Did you find the tone too high or annoying? Is there something wrong with you if you find it abrasive?

There is nothing wrong. Just don’t listen to it. If you don’t like it then it is not serving the purpose of taking you into a higher more positive vibration. Pretty simple. I’m sure there are some people that would say you are not vibrating at a “high enough frequency” to be in tune or something like that. But seriously? A lot of what I do and what others do with esoteric themed topics is pure theory and intuition. We do it or are in involved in it because we are exploring and pushing what we know and heading towards where we FEEL. Sometimes there is a smidge of science to lead us in a direction but nothing that would be considered hard, concrete, fact.

Natural Sounds Just May be Best Sounds

Natural sounds like crickets and bird song are proven to be very effective for attaining trance-like or meditative states. That is unless you have a deathly fear of crickets.

I read one study where anxiety scores were lowest when listening to the sounds of nature. Binaural beats came in second place ahead of other designed soundscapes and structured music.

While creating music that moved me I found it very difficult to do anything that improved on the sound of rainfall, birds singing, and the morning forest sounds. These things, these vibrations of nature just speak directly to your soul. They resonate so deep it just cleaves away at the hard shelled ego and exposes your soft, sensitive heart to pure beauty.

Brain Entrainment is Not A Magic Bullet

A very common question I am asked is “How long do you need to listen to solfeggio tones and binaural beats to see an effect? An effect like opening your throat chakra or manifesting something in your life?”

The best one? “How high will I get from these digital drugs?”

That’s a fantastic question because anytime you buy something you want to know how long it will take before it works. So I will be very frank and honest with this answer. There is no guarantee that this vibrational music will force anything to happen, in any time frame, at all.

In order to manifest something you want into your life you must be in a positive vibration. Not being in a positive vibration usually means you are attracting things you do not want. You must be taking action in the real world to allow it to physically take place. You must also be following the correct physical steps to make it happen based on your intuition and success patterns left by others that have accomplished what you want to achieve.

The bottom line is that everything designed into this music is secondary to how it makes you feel. No matter how scientific it may seem or claim to be.

So the question about opening the throat chakra would have the same type of answer. “How long do you have to listen before the throat chakra opens?” I have no idea if that is even possible. I cannot even prove that the throat chakra exists. All one can really do is read yoga texts, meditation manuals from Buddhists and retain the information from other “guru’s” in the mystical field. Then take that information and apply the knowledge to the music. I guess in a way it’s kind of like prayer. You do it and hope you are on the right track. A ton of people say it works but just how do you go about proving this sort of esoteric, intangible sort of stuff?

I hope my answer has not dissuaded you from trying and exploring this sort of thing. I just want to be very honest with what I am doing and my intentions for it.

The one thing I can tell you is that when you find a sound that relaxes you, then you’re on the right track. Combine that positive feeling with more traditional methods of relaxation and you have a winning combination.

The mixture of meditation, breath control, droning sounds and visualization has been proven to work over thousands of years. The binaural beats, Isochronic Tones and sounds of nature, can create a sonic blanket to wrap your mind in while you disassociate from the outside world and look inward. These things will help you optimize your reflection time and help you attain the altered states of consciousness you are looking for in the quickest possible time. (Probably shouldn’t have said that because once you try to do it quick, you’ve already shot yourself in the foot!)

Article by Raymond Burton

Author Bio: Raymond Burton is a musician who creates music that vibrates with sounds of deep relaxation, transformation and inner peace. Ray discovered the beauty of combining Solfeggio Frequencies, Binaural beats and Isochronic pulses to help people create their own sonic blankets of fuzziness, while creating music for his own meditations.

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