30 Random Acts of Kindness

There is a guy here in the UK who published an advertisement in a national newspaper as it turns out, exactly 10 years ago. It simply said, “Join Me”. To join, people just had to send him a passport photo. He first came to my notice in a feature that was broadcast on national radio. The people who joined didn’t actually know what they were joining at the time, but people did begin joining.

The guy who posted the ad says he didn’t know what it would be about either, at the time. But he started a community, each member of which has committed to performing one random act of kindness per week. Now that can’t be a bad thing for the world, can it? I joined the forum today and so, it set me thinking about what random acts of kindness I might be able to come up with.

Here are some of my initial thoughts:

1. Smile at everyone you meet
2. Compliment someone on how they look
3. Give something to the next beggar you come across
4. Pay for a friend’s meal next time you go to lunch
5. Give blood or Bone Marrow (thanks Alice)
6. Raise funds for something worthwhile
7. Donate some time to help a worthy organisation
8. Put a coin in a complete stranger’s parking meter
9. Buy a cup of coffee for the guy selling The Big Issue
10. Mow your neighbour’s lawn
11. Let someone in the queue in front of you (any queue)
12. Pick up some litter
13. Clean-up some graffiti
14. Surprise your spouse with breakfast in bed
15. Put food/water in the garden for the birds
16. For one whole day, say something nice to every person you meet
17. Repair something for someone
18. Next time you don’t need something, give it away
19. Leave notes of gratitude/love laying about for your partner to find
20. Wash the dishes in the sink at the office kitchen
21. Change someone’s tyre
22. Be courteous when driving (let people in and out)
23. Hold a door open for someone
24. Make coffee for the team
25. Applaud next time a street performer finishes (and pay them too)
26. Always say ‘thank you’ whenever you receive a service
27. Compliment the management of well-run establishments
28. Help Amnesty campaign for human rights
29. Say ‘bless you’ next time someone sneezes
30. Phone your Mum/friends/children
31. Bonus: Always go the extra mile!

Of course, I will take advantage of whatever the environment throws at me, but I was wondering if you might like to brainstorm with me. What random acts of kindness would you be prepared to do for a complete stranger?

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” ~Mother Teresa

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4 thoughts on “30 Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Johan

    If you love yourself,and those around you,you will find peace within yourself and within the world.It all starts with love,it is all there is!

    We often use the word.Do we ever think about it’s finer qualities?The higher and sacred qualities?The universal application?The universal consequences?

    If we take some time to think and appreciate why we are on this planet,we might come to new and great answers.
    The thinking mind is most supreme,the taught mind,no more than machine.

    Kindness,sensitivity,understanding and a bit more of caring
    could be the start of a greater life for all.

    Will raises a lot of important aspects in these posts.
    I salute him for his random acts of kindness with these information and posts.

    If he did not care no time and effort would have gone into any of these great posts.

    “Kindness” actually describes itself .

    Be like a child again.They are….?

  2. Randy Brinson

    When someone performs an unsolicited and unnecessary act of kindness, the result is both an increase in the kind person’s consciousness and a small uptick in the world’s consciousness. As those familiar with Eckhart Tolle’s or David Hawkin’s books know, the greater the collective consciousness, the greater the quality of life for everyone. As former US President John F. Kennedy said in 1963, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

  3. Robin

    I think day by day we see cruelty is on rise and I personally have seen fights on the roads among so called well educated people for parking for crossing the lanes and so on. The person who started the community 10 years back might have guessed the need of kindness among people and I am sure even a 1% contribution from all of us can definitely bring down the cruelty and change the world.

  4. Jassin Maguensay

    The very root of kindness is love. Because we love someone, we are kind to them. The suggestions above are very true. But if we are doing these things just to please others or just to credit ourselves, all of these things are in vain. Unless you are constrained by the love you have for God, then you have the real kindness in your heart.

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