14 Excellent Reasons Why You are Not Living a Happy and Peaceful Life – Part 1

There is only one thing that never changes … and that is CHANGE itself! Understand that your comfort zone is an illusion. When in a comfort zone, you think that you have peace and that you can be happy but believe me, that’s one big illusion.

The first serious sign of a big problem or obstacle will break this wrong picture that you hold. It is impossible to feel at peace if you constantly hold onto something.

This can be your job, it can be your habitual lifestyle that is not healthy, it can be the habit of drinking alcohol from time to time… there are literally millions of examples. You have to observe yourself and decide what YOUR comfort zone is.

And yes, unfortunately even holding to our loved ones so dearly is not good for us. I am not suggesting that you should let go of them, not under any circumstance, but what I do suggest is that you have to accept that peace and happiness come from the inside and never from the outside.

We cannot depend on peace and happiness only from the people and things outside of us. After all, we’ll all die one day, and whether we like or not, whether we accept it or not, that’s reality and that’s the truth. We have to learn to live with that voice that speaks to us. We also have to learn to control it!

Come on, do me a favor and go on and play “I Want to Break Free” from Queen. Play it and sing it from your heart. Break free! Let go of your comfort zone and do the things that you love doing! Go after your big dreams, don’t be a fool!

Hey, you know what?

Do something that scares you, each and every day. Do it! If you only commit to this single habit, you will literally astound yourself! Your life will be a different story!

You Haven’t Eliminated your Work-Overload

If you’re one of those individuals that take the overtime for the extra dollars, you can afford to stop it. There are much better ways to earn money than trading your time for it.

As a matter of fact, trading time for money is without question the WORST way on earth to earn money!

This can lead do depression, stress and overwhelming, and how can you possibly expect to live in peace like that?

You have to give your mind and body a rest.

If you need more money, then study, expand your mind, step into action and create several multiple streams of income. Passive income is the real secret to great wealth.

The only way to make good money by trading your time for it is being a CEO or a high paid manager which in turn has other disadvantages. So if your vision is not becoming one of those individuals, stop taking the overtime hours!

You Don’t Get Outdoors and You Don’t Exercise Enough

When was the last time you went hiking? Have you lost contact with nature completely?

Here’s few suggestions what you can do: yoga, walking near the beach or park, sailing, dancing, hiking, volunteering, doing something interesting in your yard, visiting orphans and making them feel special, sailing, fishing, going to the zoo and so on…

Pick something that connects you with nature. For example, I really love hiking! I do it every week and it’s simply amazing. I am a new person when I come back home. I have so much fresh energy locked up within me…I just radiate positivity and happiness from me.

You can do the same. Listen to nature’s sounds, feel the wind on your skin, listen to the birds, breathe that fresh air deep in your belly and be grateful for your life!

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Guest post by Zdravko Lukovski

Zdravko Lukovski is an obsessed personal development enthusiast who loves studying and expanding the mind. He is a dedicated student of life who owns several websites including www.EnlightenmentPortal.com. If you want to read more of his writing, check out these top positive thinking exercises and activities!


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