12 Ways to Get Yourself Motivated

If you are having trouble getting yourself motivated to lose that excess weight, get that studying done, finish the decorating or just keep on working, these 12 quick motivation tips can definitely help you.

With the exception of tip #12, pick three or four and take Nike’s advice (just do it) for a period of 30 days. That’s long enough to form a new habit. After just once month, you can quite easily transform your attitude and become much a more motivated individual.

1. Ensure You Take Regular Aerobic Exercise – If you commit to doing a little aerobic exercise every day, your energy levels, your enthusiasm for life and your self-motivation will all naturally rise.

2. Watch Motivational Videos Every Day – You can get yourself fired up very easily by watching inspirational and motivational videos and movies. Just watch one video every day. Visit motivatetube for a whole bunch of great videos.

3. Read Inspiring Stories – Stories of people who overcame great odds in order to achieve some inspiring goal are particularly uplifting. Read autobiographies of people who have achieved success against all the odds.

4. Stop Watching TV News – There’s nothing good on there and it’s full of stuff that can quite easily demotivate you. So stop watching it especially in the mornings.

5. Listen to Inspiring Music – Music is a great way to make use of your natural programming by firing naturally created NLP anchors. Keep the music that inspires you in the car and play it on the way to work.

6. Engage in Positive Self Talk – They can’t lock you up for doing it, so displace that negative self-talk with positive messages. Start telling yourself that you can do it – whatever that is for you.

7. Do Something that Makes You Feel Good – Whether it’s hugging a puppy or a kitten, going for a walk somewhere beautiful or doing a happy dance, do something that lifts your spirits.

8. Smile and Laugh More Often – Watch funny movies that make you laugh. When you feel angry, try to smile, when you feel sad, try to smile, when you feel happy, smile. Smiling makes you feel happy; laughing makes you feel great.

9. Count Your Blessings – No matter how badly off you are, there are plenty of people who are a lot worse off than you and some of them are enjoying life to the full. So be thankful for your life and start counting your blessings.

10. Have a Vision – Use a vision-board to make a collage of your future life. Set goals and milestones Keep a personal diary/journal to track your progress and reward yourself for each achievement.

11. De-clutter Your Life – Rearrange your workspace and get properly organised. Chuck your old clothes away. If there’s anything you haven’t worn for two years, you don’t need it.

12. Eat More Cake – Forget about that diet occasionally. Don’t do it every day, but remember to treat yourself every now and then.

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