10 Steps to a Better You

Here are ten simple steps to a better life. They are all simple steps to understand, though not necessarily to accomplish. But if you actually follow through with action and do all of these things, you will be simply amazed at the results you will produce.

Some of these things will require a commitment for you to change the way you operate permanently, but I suggest you give this a try for a period of just 30 days and after that, review whether or not you want to keep these new habits. Thirty days is an ideal time period for trying out new behaviour.

Here we go:

1. Exercise regularly, ideally every day. Get yourself fit and stay in shape. You might be amazed at how this will contribute to you achieving your goals as well as just helping you to feel better about yourself. If you smoke, quit! Just give up. You know it is not good for your health so it’s about time you did something about it.

2. You must have a vision or a dream if you like. ‘Without a vision’, as the Bible puts it, ‘the people perish’. Take the time to figure out what you really want from life. Not the things you think might be quite nice to have, but find out what is deep within your heart for you to achieve with your life and let it become your guide. If you do this well, you can accomplish it within one day and it can change your life completely.

3. Always be prepared to adopt a new approach. Once you have your vision, commit to making it reality. By changing your approach you are not changing the goal. Notice what works and what doesn’t, start doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t and you can watch your productivity skyrocket.

4. Start to see every demand on your time in terms of your vision. Any task you say ‘yes’ to must have a good reason and there are only two good reasons: a) the task takes you closer to achieving your dreams or b) it just has to be done (an example might be a dripping tap). Don’t say yes to any other type of task and within 30 days, you can develop a new habit that will start you moving in the direction of success.

5. De-clutter your home, office and life. You don’t need stuff. We all have too much stuff. Get rid of the stuff you don’t use. All that indispensible rubbish that’s laying about in the garage for example. Car boot it, run a garage sale, give it away or whatever – just get rid of it. Your brain will thank you for it and you will feel much more organised.

6. Brainstorm ideas regularly with yourself or with others. Write your vision down and start asking yourself what you need to do to move yourself closer. List all ideas and afterward select the best ones for action. Prioritise them and get on with the tasks you have set for yourself. Do this as regularly as you need. When you are out of tasks to accomplish, it’s time for another brainstorming session.

7. In all you dealings with other people, commit yourself to really listening to what they have to say. I know you already think you can do this, but there is a big difference between ‘hearing’ and ‘listening’ and we can all improve in this department. Learn to detach yourself from your own opinions. Try to see the perspectives of other people even if you don’t agree, just try to understand them and your relationships will begin to improve significantly.

8. Start performing Random Acts of Kindness. Ask yourself what you can do to help other people and just do it. When you get into this way of thinking, opportunities will open themselves up for you to help. Be kind to everyone in your office, in your private life, complete strangers, absolutely everyone especially those you don’t like or get on with.

9. If you are negotiating anything with anyone, try to find a solution that both parties like and not one that both parties will reluctantly accept. Creatively brainstorm solutions with all parties involved until you find the way. If you can master this approach, you will become an extremely valuable person and a key influencer within any group or team.

10. Stay committed to the process of continual improvement. Work on yourself until you become a person that the market truly values and, by this process, you will eventually be able to write your own pay cheque.

So, will you try this for just 30 days? If you do, I guarantee your life will change dramatically, and change for the better.

3 thoughts on “10 Steps to a Better You

  1. Robin

    Health is the greatest thing and one should follow diet and routine exercise to remain fit. I do a walking for 15 minutes daily.
    The next and most important thing I would like to say that be calm and cool and don’t get angry to kids or your subordinates in office. Always try to give back at least something to poor and needy people.

  2. Chukwu Bright

    Your News letters have changed many things about me, the way i think, talk, read and even the way i see myself and more importantly the way God blesses me these days. God bless WhiteDove.

  3. Lalit

    Keeping yourself fit and healthy should be your first priority and I think the right exercise and proper food can provide you fitness. If possible perform some yoga for at least 10 minutes a day and i am sure all these activities will enhance your stamina and performance.

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